Why astructureworkshop is right for you

Once you have determined a concept for the strategic use of your Confluence wiki, it will be necessary to create a structure in confluence, which is based on your requirements and inviting to your employees to use it frequently. The foundation will help you prepare later content and use cases and thus avoid sorting and realigning later on during live use. It comes with some challenges. The bigger your business and the more complex the structure of individual subsidiaries, the more important it is to be clear about the structure prior to using the tool, in order to avoid stumbling blocks later on.

What is included in a professional structure consultation?

Together we will evaluate your requirements and your company structure and develop a strategic foundation for all further actions involving your Confluence wiki. This includes a rights and spaces concept, as well as a definition of all relevant topics for using Confluence and their areas of use.

At //SEIBERT/MEDIA we don't focus on any particular industry, and neither do our Atlassian consultants. With a broad spectrum of customer requirements of the past years, we can thus serve you with many best practice examples of how to match a Confluence wiki to your requirements and your business structure. We show you how to transfer structures from other systems to you wiki and how to use the wiki when creating spaces, theirdependencies and navigation.

Workshop content

  • Clarification of content that will be part of the wiki
  • Creation of a conceptional organizational structure of the desired information in the wiki (hierarchical or process oriented, QM solution, etc.)
  • Resulting structure of spaces and their interdependencies as well as implementation of an optimal navigation

Prices and hourly rates

As a rule, we provide our workshops at a flat rate, so that you can accurately budget with a fixed price.

Our fixed prices include all costs incurred, from preparation and follow-up work to the delivery of your workshop, travel times, travel expenses, meals and overnight stays.

We try to keep it as simple as possible: One price, all inclusive.

(info) Prices in USD are available on request

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at your office (max. 8 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at your office (max. 6 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at our office (max. 8 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at our office (max. 6 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Please note: All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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