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This is why a design workshop is right for you 

You have already launched a wiki in your business or are just about to. You know, that the acceptance of the new system will be muchhigher,if the wiki is in the familiar CI of your business, the interface is adapted to your individual requirements, and the system does not appear like a foreign object in the intranet.

Which options are there to adjust Confluence? How can the layout be edited, so the marketing department will approve of the design? How can usability be improved? How can a higher focus be reached with adjusting the content? How can the message, that you want to convey with the wiki, be expressed via the design?

What is included in a professional consultation?

The wiki design workshop will be discussing the layout options as well as special navigation requirements in a wiki and directly discuss different page types and their layout. The design process can be concluded quickly afterwards and you can begin programming your personal Confluence theme.

Workshops with two to five attendees have proven to be most efficient. Depending on the setup of your project team, we suggest the project manager, the core team, and someone from the design or marketing team, and colleagues who have already worked with the wiki to attend.

What will not be discussed in the design workshop:

The focus is clearly on the design of the layout. We specifically leave out specific user questions and technical questions, in order to get ahead on the topic. Ofcoursewe will be happy to take note of your questions and to pass them on to the appropriate contact person at //SEIBERT/MEDIA after the workshop.

Workshop content

  • Introduction: Basic terminology in Confluence
  • Differences: wiki designs vs. web design
  • Reasons for a wiki design
  • Presentation of former wiki projects with //SEIBERT/MEDIA for inspiration
  • Discussion of corporate design guidelines of your business
  • Requirements of the wiki design
  • If previously ordered: discussion of first layouts and open questions
  • Discussion of frame design elements: header, logo, name, claim, images and their use, screen resolution, navigation behavior
  • The role of the wiki in the system structure in terms of distinction/adaptation
  • Discussion of content and design of individual page types (mostly dashboard, space home page, text page, print view)
  • Definition of next steps

Prices and hourly rates

As a rule, we provide our workshops at a flat rate, so that you can accurately budget with a fixed price.

Our fixed prices include all costs incurred, from preparation and follow-up work to the delivery of your workshop, travel times, travel expenses, meals and overnight stays.

We try to keep it as simple as possible: One price, all inclusive.

(info) Prices in USD are available on request

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at your office (max. 8 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at your office (max. 6 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at our office (max. 8 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at our office (max. 6 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Please note: All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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