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This is why a barn raising workshop is right for you

You want to get started with the wiki quickly and want to be sure, that it has the highest possible attraction on your employees? You particularly want to avoid the negative wiki pattern of "fear" of an empty enterprise wiki would like to quickly create relevant content in the wiki?

What is included in a professional consultation?

The workshop is intended to quickly create something practical and useful - not a cozy home, and certainly not a cathedral, but a barn - it is about functionality and cost efficiency. The focus is not on winning the prize for uniformly formatted pages or the perfect organically grown wiki. The barn raising workshop with //SEIBERT/MEDIA quickly creates a stable foundation for the content, which allows employees to start working with immediately, and which will have answers ready for many different interests. A great foundation to turn your wiki into a "content magnet":

  • Begin a lot and have the knowledge of how to finish it. It is not the goal of the workshop, to create ready results.
  • Neither the quality of the wood nor the degree to which the barn is finished, matters. It is important to create as many recognizable "barns" as possible. That means for you:

The workshop is a success, if you have included the maximum amount of new content. It is not so much about uploaded documents, but about roughly structured (possibly even unfinished) wiki pages. The more, the merrier. Employees will be filling the structure with content and updating it in their daily business. However, without an existing structure, it will be very hard for many of your colleagues to actively get involved in the wiki.

We suggest to provide a solid foundation and structure for the employees. To efficiently and systematically create such a structure, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers the barn raising workshop - a great start to filling your wiki with content. Our various templates and ideas will help you fill your wiki with lots of content, that will provide answers to different information requirements. A great start to turn your wiki into a "content magnet".

A barn raising workshop makes sense for various strategic reasons:

  1. Get started right with the wiki and don't get stuck right off the bat.
  2. Get to know and love the wiki source code.
  3. Turn the wiki into a community project and a community task.
  4. Magnet - a barn raising workshop can create the foundation for a wiki to become a magnet, which has the most critical and most commonly used information of a business. It is thus attractive to employees.
  5. Empty pages - This workshop helps you avoid a commonly known negative wiki pattern, which can quickly decrease acceptance with your employees.
  6. Framework - It is not the goal to fill all documents with content right away. It is often sufficient, if it is quickly visible which information is missing where. It can be completed quickly by others.

Workshop content

To prepare for the workshop, we have created topic cards, that we review with you. They cover topics, that are relevant for all enterprise wikis. Part of it is relevant content, part of it is nice to have and helpful. We will use templates to define the content. The templates will be matched to the requirements of your particular business.

At the beginning of the workshop, we will briefly present approximately 30 topic cards and prioritize them via a so called "business value poker". Examples of topics:

  • Creativity, productivity and exchange in all areas of the business
  • Project management
  • HR
  • Quality management and documentation
  • IT
  • Worker's council


Example calculation of a workshop

It is easy to do a workshop with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We take your requirements into account. Each workshop is individual. Even the calculation is based entirely on your requirements:



Preparation of the workshop and evaluation of your requirements  

We have extensive experience in conducting workshops and prepared agenda and workshop content. On the one hand, the amount of possible content is so high, that we can not cover everything. On the other hand it is important to match the content with the requirements of the participants. We have prepared an extensive questionnaire, which we will send you in advance. Additionally, we will speak with you about goals, scope and content of the workshop. It is an important basis for a useful and qualitative workshop. Many of our customers have additional questions, concepts and other documentation, that they would like to include in the workshop. We evaluate this content prior to the workshop and intend to integrate it in the workshop as well as possible.

USD 600 (3 h)

Conducting the Workshop   

Workshops are always conducted by experienced //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultants. Depending on the target group and their experience, we have colleagues in strategic, programming or system administrative areas, who can lead the workshop. The workshop can be at your location or via remote desktop sharing session (via WebEx or TeamViewer). Please keep in mind that workshops on site should not take longer than 6 hours per work day. We have made the experience, that longer workshops are exhausting for all participants and can be unproductive for your team. We offer extensive training programs over several days with overnight stay. Remote sessions should last no longer than 2-3 hours.

USD 1,200 (6 h)

Additional costs of the workshop

Our regulations for travel expenses are very customer oriented. When purchasing two full workshop days, you will not be charged any travel expenses. For shorter workshops, we will share our travel expenses with you.



USD 1,800


All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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