This is why an admin workshop is right for you

You are planning on using Confluence on on your own servers? Probably your system administrators will also take over administration of the system in the back end. Our offer is geared towards people who are responsible for the administration of the wiki and for security.

What is included in a professional consultation?

We give you lots of practical tips and show you how the wiki can best be integrated in an existing IT infrastructure. Further topics will be single sign on, LDAP connection, how to do updates and integrate plugins, etc.

Workshop content

  •  Module C1 - System administration

    • C1-1 Architecture of Confluence

    • C1-2 Administration under Linux

    • C1-3 Administration under Windows

    • C1-4 Confluence Upgrades

    • C1-5 Confluence Backup

  • Module C2 - Special topics
    • C2-1 Cloning of an instance
    • C2-2 Confluence Security
    • C2-3 Monitoring
    • C2-4 Performance tuning
    • C2-5 Confluence Clustering (High Availability and High Performance)
  • Module C3 - Integration in other systems
    • C3-1 Integration in a central user administration (LDAP, Active Directory)
    • C3-2 SingleSign On(SSO)
    • C3-3 Microsoft SharePoint

Prices and hourly rates

As a rule, we provide our workshops at a flat rate, so that you can accurately budget with a fixed price.

Our fixed prices include all costs incurred, from preparation and follow-up work to the delivery of your workshop, travel times, travel expenses, meals and overnight stays.

We try to keep it as simple as possible: One price, all inclusive.

(info) Prices in USD are available on request

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at your office (max. 8 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at your office (max. 6 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at our office (max. 8 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at our office (max. 6 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Please note: All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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