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Printing out QR codes &
changing description

Obtaining a QR code and printing it is simple and straightforward from within the didit hub of the checklists app.

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Benefits of a QR code for checklists

Using checklists on the go with your smartphone or tablet has a lot of advantages:

Using a QR code to quickly fire up a checklist is quick and simple. It requires almost no training or onboarding and filling out the checklist is simple as well.

QR codes are widely used and most people know how to use them on their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet.

Print a QR code from within the admin area

Using checklists on the go with your smartphone or tablet has a lot of advantages:

How to print a QR code for a checklist

  1. Access the didit - Checklists hub.

  2. Click on "Templates." You might be on this tab already by default.

  3. Choose the checklist template that you want to print.

  4. Find the "Public Access" section of the template editing screen and click "Show QR."

  5. Add a description for the printout in the field "Description for printed QR codes" if you want.

  6. Click the "Print" button.

  7. You will be redirected to print on your local printer and can print the QR code.

  8. Scan a QR code to create a new checklist with your smartphone.

Get didit - Checklists now

With didit - Checklists, mistakes and forgetfulness in your processes are a thing of the past. Through checklist templates you can create a new checklist in seconds. Even from a smartphone and without a login. didit - Checklists is a free app for the Jira and Confluence Cloud.

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