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Sales Consultant

Area of Expertise

  • Atlassian Licensing
  • Consulting for Third-Party Plugins for Atlassian Tools


Professional Consulting

  • Working out your ideal licensing szenario
  • consolidation of your Atlassian Licenses to one account and an expiry date


seit 2015: Sales Consultant at //SEIBERT/MEDIA
2014 bis 2015: Working Student in product management B2B at SCHUFA Holding AG


2012 bis 2015: Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden Business School, Masters of Arts in Sales and Marketing
2008 bis 2012: Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden Business School, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Das Team

Name: Philip Joschua
Position: Sales Consultant
Employee since: 2015

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