Desktop sharing sessions offer you many advantages:

  1. You will get an overview of our service portfolio with a comparatively small budget.
  2. You can get clarification on basic questions, in order to create milestones for a project, and to use them for example to clarify your total budget.
  3. Desktop sharing sessions are more quickly available than workshops on site, thus more suitable for time sensitive content.
  4. The budget may also be used to clarify questions in the running project.
  5. Desktop sharing sessions are cheaper than on site workshops, since they don't incur any travel costs

Challenges with desktop sharing sessions

There are many advantages to a desktop sharing sessions, and also some challenges. We would like to mention them to you, in order to avoid misunderstanding or disappointment:

  • Desktop sharing sessions are phone conferences with access to your or our desktop. This means, the conversation is reduced to acoustic communication. It is hard to read mimics in this content.

    Solution: Please communicate clearly during the workshop, if you would like to know more about certain aspects or if you have reservations about certain statements.

  • This type of workshop is very technical. If attendees prefer a personal communication, it is possible, that negative tendencies toward this type of communication is transferred to the content.

    Solution: Please verify in advance, whether all attendees are technic savvy or whether they would prefer a workshop on site and in person. In that case, we suggest to have a personal workshop on site.

  • The amount of consultation during a desktop sharing session is limited. Please note, that the personal contact for extensive consultation can not be replaced by a desktop sharing session. The strength of this type of workshop is, to provide an initial and selective consultation.

    Solution: Use the desktop sharing session, to clarify basic questions involving a possible project. If you already made have a clear investment and project decision, an on site workshop may be more appropriate.

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