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Checklists for Jira & Confluence Cloud

Native iOS & Android App

The app helps you to check off your checklists on the go. It is available for iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android.

Public demo (every 3rd Wed)   Personal demo Chat with us Documentation

How to use the mobile apps

  1. Install the app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Create a new checklist or open an existing one
    1. Scan a QR Code (here is an example as PDF / PNG)
    2. Click on a link of an existing checklist or a creation link.
    3. Put such a link into your clipboard and open the mobile app.
  3. Work on a checklist and finish them.
  4. Navigate to templates to see all existing templates you have ever used in the app and use them again.
  5. Look at recently created and used checklists.

Please note that this mobile app is not yet a fully independent mobile app. It only works with the companions in Jira and / or Confluence in the Atlassian Cloud. If you have installed the app, you need to scan a checklist QR code or open a dedicated link for the app. Otherwise you cannot make use of it.

Features of the mobile apps

FeatureiPhone & iPadAndroid
Open checklist links(tick)(tick)
Open checklist creation links(tick)(tick)
Scan checklist QR codes(tick)(tick)
Open checklists from link in clipboard(tick)(tick)
Check off checklist tasks(tick)(tick)
Add notes to checklists(tick)(tick)
Add pictures to checklists(tick)(tick)
Sign checklists(tick)(tick)
Access recent checklists(tick)(tick)
Create new checklists from templates used before(tick)(tick)

Known limitations

  • You cannot log in with your account in the mobile app at this point. Activity that is available with public links can be performed through the mobile app at this point only.
  • You cannot create or change checklist templates in the app at this point.

iOS (iPhones & iPads)

Impressions of app usage (GIFs)

Click image to see animation.


Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams

With Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams, mistakes and forgetfulness in your processes are a thing of the past. Through checklist templates you can create a new checklist in seconds. Even from a smartphone and without a login. Checklists for Jira & Confluence is a free app for the Atlassian Cloud. 

Checklists for Confluence   Checklists for Jira

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This page was last edited on 02/12/2023.