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This part of the workshop covers the use and information architecture of microblogs.

During this session you will define how microblogs will be used within your organization.

Important: Microblogs can be used in various ways. It's important to consider the type and topic of microblog, and where it should be embedded in the intranet.

Questions to consider

  • Define use cases
  • Define the information architecture of the microblog
    • Which type of microblog should be embedded in which spaces?
    • What topics should be included in which spaces?
  • Define the display and location of each microblog
    • In which spaces and pages should the microblog be embedded?
    • What form of microblog (global, space-based, topic-based) should be embedded?

Limitations & notes

  • A microblog post must always be assigned to an existing space.
  • View and write permissions depend on space permissions.
  • A microblog can be integrated as a global timeline (all posts), space or topic posts.
  • Any user with write access can use the macro.
  • Readers can decide whether to receive a notification for each new post or a summary once per day.

Example uses for a microblog

  • (User) Support for the intranet
  • Bulletin board
  • General chat/exchange instead of email
  • Social exchange (car pool, leisure activities)
  • Notifications from IT of system maintenance or failures
  • Notifications for a location or building
  • Team and project exchange
  • FAQ

On this page

Your microblog configuration

Permission settings

You can set global permissions for the creation of microblog posts. Choose from: 

    • Add page
    • Add news items
    • Add comments

Information architecture

Space where microblog will appearTopic covered by the microblog

Example information architecture

Intranet introduction projectProject exchange
Status updates
IT announcements  System failures
IT questions
IT news or changes

Display and location

Embed on pageGlobal/limited to space/topicDisplay sidebar (tick) / (error)

Example display and location

Embed on pageGlobal/limited to space/topicDisplay sidebar
Landing pageGlobal(tick)
Space landing page - corporate communicationSpace UK, all topics(error)
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