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Please start to read about your knowledge. It is important to make the session fun for others, because you will be asked about it. (big grin)

Your knowledge

  • You have been to a meeting yesterday with the Board of directors. It had the following results: a) IT-Budget is 2,4M Euros in 2017. b) Launch date of new Intranet will be defined solely by Corporate Communications. c) Intranet will be hosted behind the firewall. Cloud offer was rejected.
  • You think that your HR department should put more recruitment and employer branding content on your facebook page.
  • You plan to substitute Visio flowcharts with the plugin in Confluence with the new intranet. Everyone is thrilled about that so far.
  • Linchpin can adjust from Intranet 1.0 to 2.0 gradually. Social can grow with your workforce. You like that.

Your Tasks

  • You really want to know, if Corporate Communications has any preferences on the intranet launch date. You have been upset that the other IT people do not care and want to prepare the systems properly. Ask Britney Bell (Head of Corporate Communications) about it. But also include Mabel Manson as she always knows these things.

     Get a hint on how to proceed ...
    You want to find a suitable room in HipChat (e.g. "Intranet") and start by mentioning (@bbell @mmanson) in your message. This way they will get a push notification on their phone, their desktop or an email about your question and can react. Sample: @bbell @mmanson Do you know anything about your plans in comms for the intranet launch? Any dates planned yet?
  • You hate your printers and want to find others who share your need for an upgrade.

     Get a hint on how to proceed ...

    You go to the room "IT Support" in HipChat and ask a question. 


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