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Please start to read about your knowledge. It is important to make the session fun for others, because you will be asked about it. (big grin)

Your knowledge

  • You dislike that there are no documented feature requirements for software that you have to develop.
  • You like the marketing gimmicks that communications has created.
  • You hate your printers. The always have paper jams and no one can fix that easily.

Your Tasks

  • Customer "Miller" just called you. He upset because Paul is ill and your team may miss a deadline. Can Andy or Teresa call them back? The number is +1-800-853-4630.

     Get a hint on how to proceed ...
    You want to find a suitable room in HipChat (e.g. "Customer Service Desk") and start by mentioning @aanderson and @ttyson in that room in your message. This way they will get a push notification on their phone, their desktop or an email about your question and can react. Sample: @aanderson @ttyson Customer Miller gave me a hard time becaus Paul is ill and they don't want to miss their deadling. Could you please urgently call them back? The number is +1-800-853-4630. #urgent
  • You like the new intranet designs and want to let everyone know

     Get a hint on how to proceed ...

    You go to the room "Intranet" in HipChat and ask a question. Sample: I really like the new screen designs for the intranet relaunch. #rockon


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