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Easily change the interface of your Confluence

Every professional Confluence instance should have an individual design adapted to the corporate identity of its owner. An individual design not only improves the system's usability in critical areas but also increases the acceptance among employees and their identification with the software


create your first theme!

Be always


Style your dashboard with background images and tiled layouts


  • Show or hide the "create space" and "invite user" dashboard buttons.
  • Add a background image to your dashboard to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Use a tile layout to highlight dashboard macros with colored backgrounds.
  • Review the comprehensive audit log to check for app configuration errors.


  • Third-party apps can now use the uploaded logo (e.g. to include in emails)
  • The Linchpin sidebar has been given a minor design refresh

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the color of the quotation icon in the center news tiles.
  • Fixed the missing expert search headline in the Linchpin sidebar.

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via Let's build a great product together! 




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This content was last updated on 10/28/2019.

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