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Information required

  • Every Linchpin Mobile based app comes with a public section that is fully customizable. You can provide information on your company, legal information or imprint here for external visitors, employees and partners.
  • The public section contains a header image that will be delivered with every branded app. This image then will be shown even if there's no internet connection available.

Requirement details

InformationYour answer
Public information section content
  • HTML formatted content allowed (including rich text and external content).
Public information section header image

The image provided must meet all of the following requirements:

  • JPG or PNG format.

In terms of localization we currently support english and german text labels. If you plan to deploy the app for more than one language please provide us with corresponding text labels in both languages.

Please note

  • You can add external content to your public information section. Please note that an internet connection is required to display this kind of content.
  • (warning) Since Apple wants every app in the public AppStore to provide some kind of value to any potential user, they regularly deny approval of apps that require a login in order to use the app. Therefor we highly recommend to provide at least some general information on your company and an imprint here.

Example screenshots


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