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  • Which deployment options do you prefer for your custom mobile app (iOS / Android)?

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Deployment option iOS

One of the following:

Deployment option Android

One of the following:

  • Public Google Play Store
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Making your app available in the public app stores requires you to provide us with specific content that will be included in your app's public section. This content will be available to all users of your app - remember that your app will be listed publicly, so there may be some non-employees taking a look.

Since at least Apple is actively screening apps for quality of public content in AppStore reviews and regularly rejects business apps, we decided to no longer offer deployment of custom apps via the public iOS app store. Instead we now offer Unlisted Distribution via the AppStore that got introduced in 2022 by Apple. You can still select Apple Business and inhouse deployment for your custom iOS app.

Please note

  • App store availability is fully optional - You can also choose to deploy it only via your corporate app store or install it to selected devices (e.g., via direct deployment or MDM).

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