In addition to an intranet, which is available for all employees of your company and used for internal communication, you would also like to have an extranet in which coordination with customers, partners and suppliers can take place? 

Based on the Enterprise Wiki Confluence with Linchpin Extranet, we offer you a social extranet that can be adapted to your wishes and meets all the requirements of a modern online portal for customers and partners.

Confluence is ideal as the basic software for operating an extranet. Many of Confluence's standard features are helpful in communicating with outsiders, so it's the perfect foundation for your extranet. Based on our many years of experience in the area of collaboration and business software, we have compiled all the relevant features of an extranet for you in the Linchpin Extranet Suite.

Do you need additional features to meet your company's particular requirements?
No problem, Linchpin Extranet can be modularly adapted to your specific needs with additional features.

Below is an overview of the Linchpin Extranet's key features.

Features of the  Linchpin Extranet Suite

Search and visibility of personal data

  • Use Linchpin Extranet to collaborate securely and easily with your partners and customers.

  • Find not only people and page content, but also content within documents with the powerful enterprise search engine.

  • Provide and share useful information by filling out advanced user profiles.

  • Restricted in such a way that they do not function globally for all external users, but only within their respective extranet space, e.g. people search, user directory, @-mentions, ...

Direct communication between internal and external parties 

  • Communicate continuously and transparently with customers with microblogging, e.g. when collaborating on projects.

  • Use tools such as polls and meeting scheduling to easily coordinate your work together.

  • Keep all users or specific user groups up to date by sending newsletters from the extranet.

Improved mobile access

  • Support mobile devices - Linchpin Extranet has a mobile component and uses optimized themes for smartphones and tablets.

  • Reach your extranet anytime, anywhere.

  • Use features like microblogging while on the go.




Collaborate in digital project spaces

  • Work with your customers, partners or external employees in secure project areas.

  • The extranet is based on Confluence, which is used by more than 85,000 companies worldwide.

  • Use helpful functions such as mentions, shares and likes.

  • Create as many pages and sub-pages as you like with text and media content

  • Create content using drag & drop and preview your changes, with one of the best editors on the market.

Customized theme to meet your corporate design

  • Make the extranet to match your corporate design.
  • Encourage brand recognition in customers, partners and your employees.

  • Deliver a comfortable and simple user experience with a clean design.

  • Customize the design for individual project spaces as well.

Simple administration

  • Define individual permissions for each space and each user.

  • Determine whether or who can create extranet user accounts.

  • Play it safe and log in as an administrator with the rights of specific users to verify what they have access to.

  • Specify employees who can administer individual spaces themselves.

  • Predefined user roles make it easier to assign permissions.



General information

All prices are in US$. All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.


Costs for an introductory project at a fixed price

An introductory project is completely optional. If you do not want to collaborate in an introductory project with us but you want to install the software yourself, you can simply buy the licenses - we will gladly advise you on functionality and prices.

This covers all necessary services to complete your introductory Linchpin project. This does not include custom programming, extensive legwork and broad, non-specific training courses. The project will end with the successful launch of your intranet.

The following services are usually part of a Linchpin project. Services actually provided are with the agreement of the project team and may differ from this list: 

Overview of our services

  • Extensive strategy workshop to launch your Linchpin Extranet project
  • Concept workshop on information archtecture, space structure and navigation as well as users, rights and roles
  • Concept workshop to define relevant Linchpin Extranet processes such as requesting new spaces, adding new users, archiving pages, etc.
  • Setting up the servers, installation of the software and the systems
  • Complete configuration of all Linchpin Extranet add-ons
  • Theming including help to finalize the design and implement the global theme
  • Administrator training
  • Key-user training
  • Project management
  • Support during the launch including a ‘hypercare’ phase

Invitation to tender? Send us your details!

Is there a call for tenders in progress for your planned extranet project? Please send us your tender documents straight away! We will contact you immediately and respond to your requirements in detail.

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