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  • Linchpin Configuration Training
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Below is a typical agenda for an expert user training session. Of course, this can be modified to take into account the specific configuration of the user's system.



  • Presentation by the trainer
  • Participant introductions
    • Roles in the company
    • Goals and expectations
  • Training agenda


Navigation Menu Editor

  • Adding menu editors
  • Adding items to the menu
  • Personalizing the menu items

Linchpin User Profiles

  • Linking to a user directory
  • Adding categories
  • Adding profile attributes
    • Discussion about various profile attributes
  • Personalizing the categories

Enterprise News Bundle

  • Creating categories and spaces for news
  • Personalizing the news categories
  • Introduction to the various display options and configuration
    • Cover Stories
    • Corporate News Feed
    • Personal News Feed
  • Creating and including web-feed groups
  • Creating news items
    • Creating a news post
    • Using metadata
      • Publication period
      • Expiry date
      • Teasers
    • Release workflow for news items
  • Mandatory news items


  • Creating event categories
  • Creating events
  • Configuring the event lists
  • Configuring the event calendar


  • Adding microblogs (space + topic) to spaces
  • Integrating a microblog within a page

Profile Based Content

  • Creating content groups
  • Applications of personalization

App Center

  • Creating app categories
  • Adding apps
  • Personalizing apps
    • Recommended apps
    • Defined apps

Terms of Use

  • Adding terms of use
  • Changing the terms of use
  • GDPR compliance

Theme / Design

  • Modifying the design
  • Exporting the design

Content lifecycle - Archiving

  • Defining an archiving process
  • Changing the archiving process
  • Adding triggers
  • Email templates
  • Controlling the content quality

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