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What is your vision for a Confluence based Microblog?

We want to be for Atlassian Confluence what facebook and twitter are for the world: facebook and twitter for companies. The role model for this in business is Yammer. It's fast and easy communication.

What are the best practices you give to clients?

Most huge companies are afraid of microblogging. They often start to use it in smaller teams for project updates and for the company for bulletin boards.

Can topics be shared across spaces?

No. At this point a topic is bound to a space. You may want to use tags for semantic grouping in the whole system.

Is the data searchable?

Yes, in the search "microposts" is a filter. All microposts are indexed and can be found. They are marked with a micropost icon.

Is it possible to access the data outside of the microblog macro?

Yes, via API or RSS. As of now, I do not know, whether the API is public yet. Please get in contact about that.

Custom User Profiles

Did you re-implement the photo upload to allow for larger profile pictures?

Yes, but it's compatible with the standard pictures. We can import them. And we use the same storage fields. The bigger pictures are stored separately and would get lost if you deactivate the plugin later.

Is it possible to search/filter users based on custom fields?

Sure. You can do it in search. And you can create user lists.

Any plans to rewrite the directory?

Absolutely. It's on the roadmap. We call it "phonebook" internally.

Duplicate Content Defender


Is that yours? How does it work?

Yes, the Confluence Addon prevents doubled entries for pagesEven before creating a new page you can check whether the content is already published in the wiki and whether there are already matching pages for a publication. We do that be performing a Confluence search for your new title and offer search results with previews in place.


Web Links in the AppStore

When is SSO coming and how will it work?

We already have it but fully customized. We can do Kerberos, Post, Get, Cookies, SAML, Open-ID, Crowd, ...

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