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When generating your Linchpin instance via SWIFT you will have a set of addons that typically will fulfill needs of an intranet implementation. These addons are preinstalled but configured only on a basic level. You will need to configure the addons and your Linchpin. For some functions, several addons may be needed.

For some intranet implementations with Linchpin there will be some additional addons. Possibly some implementations will not need some of these listed here. So almost every intranet implementation with Linchpin will have a different set of addons.

AddonVendorFunction (what it does)
Angular JS integration for AUI (AUI-NG)K15t SoftwareLibrary required for Addons Scroll Office and Scroll PDF Exporter
Appstore for Confluence//SEIBERT/MEDIAProvides administration of bookmarks and categories (i.g. links to other intranet or internet websites)
Cenote Lockpoint (formerly Arsenale Lockpoint)CenoteLock attachments of any file type (e.g. PDF, DOC) for exclusive editing (Documentation)
Atlassian Hipchat Integration PluginAtlassianIntegrates Atlassian's messenger Hipchat
Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin CoreAtlassianIntegrates Atlassian's messenger Hipchat
Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager PluginAtlassianManages all Addons
Blog Highlights//SEIBERT/MEDIA

Add-on "Blog Highlights" allows embedding and displaying of personalized news channels for a user. Providing personalized news channels is achieved by configuring up to three user's profile attributes (like country, branch, language).

Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Advanced TablesBob Swift Atlassian Add-onsCreate tables with limitless potential. Advanced Tables goes way beyond Confluence's native capabilities, transforming your data into rich, eye-catching tables. (documentation)
Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Table LibraryBob Swift Atlassian Add-ons 
Comala WorkflowsComala Technology Solutions(documentation)
Confluence ConveyorServiceRocket 
Confluence Healthcheck PluginAtlassian 
Confluence Hipchat Integration PluginAtlassianIntegrates Atlassian's messenger Hipchat
Confluence HipChat PluginAtlassianIntegrates Atlassian's messenger Hipchat
Confluence JIRA Metadata PluginAtlassian 
Confluence Microblog//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Confluence Roadmap PlannerAtlassian 
Copy Space PluginAtlassian 
Custom Dashboards for ConfluenceSimplenia 
Custom User Profile//SEIBERT/MEDIA Confluence Plugin//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Duplicate Content Defender//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Edit Lock Plugin for Confluence//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Linchpin Theme//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Linchpin Navigation Menus//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Profile Based Content//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
RB Storage - Confluence (2x)ServiceRocket 
RB Storage - Core (2x)ServiceRocket 
RB Storage - ServletServiceRocket 
Scroll Word ExporterK15t Software 
Scroll PDF ExporterK15t Software 
Support Healthcheck PluginAtlassian 
Support Tools PluginAtlassian 
Team CalendarsAtlassian 
Terms of Use//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Linchpin Theme Plugin - Enterprise//SEIBERT/MEDIA 
Webinar Theme//SEIBERT/MEDIA 



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