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We are looking for remote consultants!

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the largest Atlassian Partners in the world, as well as a growing Google Partner. We offer specialized services and comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are looking for a consultant in the USA for our products in the Atlassian ecosystem:, Linchpin and Agile Hive.

Are you a native English speaker living in a US time zone, who is familiar enough with Atlassian products to answer beginner to intermediate questions about Confluence and Jira without needing to research the right answers? If yes, then you can help us in this role:

  • Answer support calls.
  • Answer questions on Intercom (via live chat and email).
  • Create and curate content (blog posts, social media posts, Q&A portals).
  • Give software product demonstrations to prospects.
  • Travel on site to customers for demonstrations and consulting (if we feel it's worthwhile).
  • Give talks at Atlassian User Groups (AUGs) and other Atlassian-related events.
  • Support and help with our product marketing.
  • Create offers and sell products (if needed and applicable).
  • Help former Gliffy customers to switch to
  • Support, train and develop partners:
    • Help them actively switch Gliffy customers to
    • Help them sell and deploy Linchpin Intranets.
    • Help them sell and deploy Agile Hive.

As we are in Germany and you are in the USA, you should want to work remotely, but also to travel occasionally to promote our business in the USA. Of course, being able to understand German would be a plus.

Are you interested in these topics? Does the position sound good to you? Then, send us your application.

We'd like to hire you as a full-time employee, effective immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Prerequisites for this job

This role has a couple of prerequisites, that must be met or at least are highly preferable. Please point out where you do not meet specific criteria when you contact us:

  • You are in USA and are permitted to work there.
  • You are willing to hold a conversation with me (Martin Seibert) on Telegram (Start a conversation here). I am interviewing people to fill this role personally. This is the only way applications will be evaluated.

Facts about this job and our company

To help you understand the position and our company:

Employer//SEIBERT/MEDIA Corp., 339 C Ave Ste 1, Coronado, CA 92118, United States (Legal information)
Headquarters//SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH, Kirchgasse 6, 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany
EmployeesAbout 150 in Germany, 1 in Costa Rica, 0 in USA
Where you will workYou will be required to work in USA (most of the time) as this is the market we want you to service. You're free to work from home, go to a co-working space or work from wherever you wish, so long as you can professionally represent us to customers and partners.

We'd like you to visit us in Germany at least twice a year for a week, but preferably once a quarter, to foster a deeper understanding of our products and synchronize our efforts. You will be required to give presentations at events and on-site with customers occasionally. We currently don't know how often this will be: It could be one day per month or one day per week. But, probably not more than this.

You will plan your travel and schedule demonstrations with customers and partners autonomously. We are aware that everyone has commitments to friends and families. That's fine with us as long as you can get your job done. For some events (e.g. trade shows, sponsored events, speaking engagements, ... ), you will be required to attend on a fixed schedule.

You will get a credit card and do not have to wait to be reimbursed for travel expenses. But we'll make you collect all receipts in paper and digitally. #germanbeancounters

Daily scheduleWhile you are somewhat free to choose your own schedule, we ask that you make yourself available to accept/make calls from/to customers and answer support enquiries. We'd like you to cover standard USA business hours (at least partially) - we currently support customers and partners during German business hours already.
Salary40k to 120k per year for a full time role, part time, or freelance on an hourly basis may be possible. (Our preference: Full time employment)
Factors that influence salary


  • in the Atlassian ecosystem, with Atlassian software
  • in the tech industry
  • deep technical knowledge
  • business savviness
  • seniority
Sick leaveWhen you're sick, we want you to get well soon. So we'll pay you for up to 6 weeks of sick leave per year (close to the German standard).
VacationWe'll give you 28 days of paid vacation (our German standard). You are free, to change your vacation volume depending on your preferences and needs and even convert them into a higher salary if you need less. (Such alterations obviously need to be in line with labor law.)
Health care

We assume, that 500 USD per person and month is a good standard in health care. An example from a "whole family" example: We'll pay 75% up to 12k USD per year in costs. For all costs above that we'll pay 25% until 20k USD per year. You are welcome to contribute to the design of how your health care contract works. We want this to be attractive for you.

We do understand that some of our applicants will need an insurance for their whole family and some already have an existing insurance and do not need any coverage from us at all. Please tell us when you contact us, what your situation and wishes are, so that we can factor this in in your total remuneration (salary).

401(k) Plan / SIMPLE IRAWe do offer a matched plan, where you can contribute up 5% of your salary and we'll match your contribution. You're free to invest up to 19k USD per year (in 2019).
Additional benefits

We do have a number of additional perks in Germany for our employees. We may add more benefits over time. But this is not a promise.

You are free to talk to us about your current situation and your wishes. We may be able to accommodate them. Let's see ...

BonusWe share 20% of our yearly profits with all employees. In the past few years, that has been less than one month's pay for most employees. No other performance-based benefits offered.
EducationWe give you unlimited funds and time for education. While unlimited is probably limited to fulfilling your role and being economically sensible, there is no fixed budget. We see people spend significant costs and time in making themselves an expert in specific topics.
Tax status

During your probation (a couple of days or weeks) you'll be a contractor. You are responsible for paying all taxes applied to this income.

After you have successfully completed the probation period, this will migrate to an employee role (Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statement).

Main contactMartin Seibert - Contact him via Telegram directly to talk about this job.
From first contact to contract
  1. To get to know you better, we'll start with an informal and non-binding Telegram chat.
  2. Then, we will ask you answer simple onboarding questions about our products and the Atlassian ecosystem in our public answer portal. We'll pay 20 USD per hour for this work. You will be required to track this time via Hubstaff and will be paid via PayPal or Transferwise. Our style guidelines and instructions will explain what is required.
  3. After you have answered a few questions, we'll schedule a video call to get to know you better.
  4. Then we'll finalize a contract and sign it after we both agree to the terms.

What makes working with us different and why you should care

  • As the CEO (Martin Seibert), I am recruiting personally for this position. You can contact me on Telegram now. No strings attached. Direct contact.
  • We are an open and welcoming company that gets things done. Many companies say that. But few have such an open and transparent description of job requirements posted publicly. Now, imagine that level of openness and transparency in everything we do. Internal and external.
  • We never cheat our customers. We never cheat our employees. Everybody has to work hard in our company, from me as the CEO who actively recruits, to our new US consultant and all our team members in between.
  • You can organize your own work, your schedule, your tasks. There is no formal reporting process and no supervision. You've been recruited by the CEO and brought on board because we trust you will reflect our values and  work independently from day one. It's a big responsibility, but most of our employees love having the freedom, flexibility and space for creativity that we give them.
  • We'll pay your way. We are a conservative company, so do not expect us to overpay you. If you are looking for a quick and easy deal, this is not it. If you want one of the best jobs of your life that comes with a decent salary, this can become it.
  • No need to pretend, just be yourself. Do not sell us on an ideal image. Build trust. Work hard. Work on quality and effectiveness, not on efficiency. We do not care how quick you can learn something. We care about you providing the right answers to customer and partner questions. We care about people who admit their mistakes to coworkers and customers, and have the grit to fix the problems. We do not feel awkward, if we have no clue, we say it. There will always be someone able to answer any Atlassian-related question, guaranteed. But it doesn't have to always be you.
  • Trust and open-mindedness. We've built striving for openness and building trust into the core of our culture. Foster that. Never ever lie. Even where lying may feel more appropriate given the situation. Instead, say nothing. Build that trust. Keep your promises. That's what we care about. This may sound pretty typical, but violate this rule and you'll be out of the running. No questions asked, no second chances. When that trust is lost, that candidate becomes incompatible with our company.
  • As a remote worker you will be completely dependent on digital communication tools and documentation to work closely with colleagues and product/event teams, and to not miss out on crucial news from within the company. We are very disciplined in using these tools and centrally documenting our processes and discussions to a high standard. 

And now?

Can you see yourself in this role and do you identify with our work culture? Apply via email. Even better, contact me directly (Martin Seibert) on Telegram (Start a conversation here). 

When you introduce yourself, please describe: 

  • your background and experience with Atlassian or similar products.
  • where you are based inside the US and how far the nearest airport is.
  • what type of salary you are looking for and whether you are willing to negotiate.
  • how comfortable you are working consistently unsupervised (we are looking for self-directed and motivated employees).

After that? Review the following questions tagged 'newbie' in our Q&A portal, create an account, and answer one following our style guide

Please go ahead and write more detailed answers to any questions where someone has answered in only a few sentences - we want to provide customers with lots of detail and help. 

More than 90% of of candidates are unable to do this rather simple task. If you write thorough and well written answers, that aren’t simple copies of existing content, you‘ll have our full attention.

Need more information?

  • Find out more about working at //SEIBERT/MEDIA (in German) in our job portal or take a tour behind the scenes and see how we work together to create great software for teams. 
  • Are you more interested in Confluence, Jira or Agile Hive? Have a look at our various consulting teams.
  • See what our employees have said about their experiences working at //SEIBERT/MEDIA on kununu.
  • If you find yourself in Wiesbaden, Germany for some reason, you are most welcome to drop by on the third Friday of the month at 4pm to attend our Open Office, or have a beer with us at a TechTalk.

We look forward to meeting you ...

... and we do not require applicants to be of any particular ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, lack of disability, age or sexual orientation. However, you should be comfortable with change and like eating cake. (Lächeln) (Read more about our approach to discrimination, or rather the lack of it - in German)

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