Jira automation examples in didit - Checklists

You can use the custom fields and other references to automate your workflow .

Setting issue properties with JSON

Using some simple JSON in the property value of an automation rule, you can add a checklist to an issue and decide if you want to replace or add the new tasks to any existing checklists. The Jira administrator can implement this using the "set issue property" action with your choice of a trigger.

You add the issue property “didit.action” to the issue and as the property value, you can set detailed instructions in JSON format.

Here is an example of the format for ease of use.

  "action": "create_checklist_from_template",
  "id": "8yNxpC4iB2cFX5KEJtz8",
  "merge": "replace"

The JSON Parameters are as follows.






Action that allows automation for Jira to create a checklist and attach it to an issue.


id of the template

The id of the checklist template that automation will create. You can find the id in the 'didit hub', navigating to the template. In the browser URL you can find the template id.

For example, in the following URL!templates/#!templates/WazNIid2ZRN2Bi0ekIzT

“WazNIid2ZRN2Bi0ekIzT” is the template id.



If there already is a checklist in the issue, replace it with the new one.


If there already is a checklist in the issue, append the headings and tasks of the chosen checklist template to the checklist.

It's important to note that metadata in the template are discarded and already completed checklists remain untouched.


If there already is a checklist in the issue, do nothing.

Setting properties in Markdown format

You can also specify the exact tasks and headings you'd like using Markdown format. For this automation, you would also use the "Set issue property" action as well, but use Markdown instead of JSON.

Below is an example of the Markdown you can use.

# Deployment Checklist
## Prepare Deployment
- Merge develop to master
- Set the release version
## Deployment
- Upload version to production
- Test the deployed software

You can use the following characters to format your markdown.



Title of the checklist


Checklist heading


Checklist task

  • Please note that this always using the merging strategy "replace" from above. So we will replace whatever checklist is in your issue if you trigger this action.
  • We do not support descriptions in this markdown at this point.
  • This will be an ad hoc checklist in our system.

Checklist completion percentage

Using one of the didit custom fields, you can trigger an automation rule.

This feature is currently in progress and not ready yet

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This page was last edited on 02/23/2024.