Jira Align links business strategies with technical execution

With Jira Align, your teams work in a familiar environment, while extending coordination and planning to the program, portfolio, and enterprise levels.

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Agile transformation begins with connected teams

Real time visibility

Aggregate data at team level to make all work visible across the organization.

Align your teams with the strategy

Get everyone on the same page to determine scopes, roadmaps, and dependencies across teams and portfolios.

Optimization for customer value

Link strategic investments with generated customer value to achieve results faster and more reliable.

Scaling of all roles in one shared platform

Portfolio Manager

Communicate to investors, analysts and employees the value of funding strategic initiatives.

Management team

Link strategy to execution in order to drive the enterprise value of your organization's mission and vision.

Development teams

Implement sprint work based on the company's overall strategy.

Program Manager & Release Train Engineers

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are optimally allocated to guarantee on time delivery.

Product Manager

Manage tipped-in ideas, prioritize feature backlogs, and track progress with real-time roadmaps.

Transformation teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework tailored to the scaled agile way of work of your organization.

Flexible framework support

Jira Align is the only platform that allows you to implement and extend any scaling framework - even hybrid and custom frameworks.
Those supported among others include:

SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework

LeSS - Large Scale Scrum

DA - Disciplined Agile


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