Live Collaboration with text

Etherpad is just like 5 people collaboratively writing on a piece of paper to brainstorm or to document. Etherpad is currently the most cost effective and matured real time communication platform, that is available for businesses.

Your goal: Efficent collaboration, project flow and teamwork

You are looking for a solution to establish real time collaboration in your enterprise? You want to simplify brainstorming even in virtual teams and increase transparency? You would like to speed up and improve communication between project members? The slim and safe tool Etherpad improves collaboration, brainstorming, project work and team work! We can help you.

Our offer: Bring real time collaboration into your enterprise with Etherpad

The open source software Etherpad is perfect for brainstorming in virtual teams. It is simple and intuitive to all gather notes and content in a so called pad, while offering high transparency at all times. Even in meetings, Etherpad has proven itself as an interactive whiteboard. Especially combining Etherpad with a phone call, a tele conference or a personal meeting has the potential to increase the digitalization of documentation within an enterprise. It can also be used to review a website with a customer, for example. The external instance can be used for demonstrations with the customer.

We assist you in introducing Etherpad with consulting in technology and strategy as well as employee training, thus allowing you to quickly and safely begin using the software in your enterprise. Additionally, we offer an online installation including SSL coding and IP limitation on our servers, which are only accessible to your business. If applicable, we program interfaces to existing systems and assist you in finding a useful distinction to other tools.

This is how Etherpad works

Etherpad is a web based real time communication platform for collaboration with texts. The web software allows authors to simultaneously edit documents. Each user can easily create a new document, a so called pad, and edit it together with other people via a url. The contributions of each user are color coded in the pad. Each attendee can see the changes being made in realtime. Changes are automatically saved immediately and transferred to all users. In addition, users may communicate via a chat. The complete history of the pad can be reviewed in a timeline.

Additional Information

Everyone can easily create a new document for collaboration. These documents are called “pads”. Each pad has an individual url and everyone who knows the url can edit and use the chat. “Pads” may also be secured with a password. The contributions of each participant are color coded and labeled.

The software saves the document each time a key is pressed, immediately transferring the changes to all members. The attendees may also save special versions explicitly. A timeline shows the complete history and creation of the pad, it can be viewed as a movie by hitting the “play” button.

The created documents can be exported and saved as text, html, word document or pdf.

Possible use cases in enterprises

  • Brainstorming in a business
  • Creating protocols with several people during a meeting
  • Collaboration with a customer on the phone: “Let's review the text for the website together”
  • The external instance may also be used for demonstrations with the customer

Advantages of the tool

  • The software can be used in the own network. We can quickly and safely assure installation and use of the software within your business.
  • Quick access without login or other hurdles.
  • Innovative form of collaboration, which can be used in meetings to write protocols.
  • Similar to an “interactive whiteboard”, just limited to use of text.
  • The software is available for free and open source.
  • Live collaboration can speed up and improve communication between project members.
  • It is easier to work on an etherpad with colleagues, as opposed to conducting a meeting. Members are more easily available since travel times are out of the picture.
  • Realtime collaboration enables quicker iteration cycles and actual feedback.
  • Especially in combining Etherpad with a call, a conference call or a personal meeting leads to a higher degree of digitalizing and documenting within an enterprise.
  • Better integration of home office and remote office employees.
  • Better ABSTIMMUNG … and quicker response time.
  • Phone bills can be reduced (this may be especially of interest in conference calls).
  • Interactivity of all team members increases since everybody digitally contributes to the result of the meeting.

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