Atlassian has announced that they have made the decision to cancel the Atlassian Summit this year. After much consideration here at Seibert Media, we have decided to not travel to Las Vegas this year.

This means that we will also have to cancel our Info Session on Sunday, March 29th, and our deep dive sessions on Monday, March 30th.

We have decided to not do a remote Info Session event, but still want to provide you content and some material from talks we had already prepared for the event.

For participants: Remote Deep Dive Sessions

If you want to learn more about our products draw.ioLinchpin and Agile Hive, we will be more than happy to offer you remote deep dive sessions.

Please book a remote session here: 

For vendors: Software demo or video interview

Record a remote video interview or demo.

We want to offer high value content from the Atlassian ecosystem to our customers. This is why we want to offer you the opportunity to record an informational video about your products and software.  We will handle the promotions  via Youtube, our web blog and other social media channels.  

If you give a good and well-prepared presentation, you'll benefit from our reach and our production services for free. In turn, we will benefit from your content. It's a win-win-win situation where you win, our customers win, and we win. It's free and only requires your time and dedication.

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This content was last updated on 03/10/2020.

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