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Checklists for Jira & Confluence Cloud

Import a checklist

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To import checklists into our checklist-app for Atlassian Confluence you have to upload a JSON file. This is mainly helpful if you want to transfer a checklist template from one instance to another. This feature is tightly connected to our export feature for checklists.

Download a sample import file More about our export feature

Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams

With Checklists - Easy, Quick, Exact Workflows in Teams, mistakes and forgetfulness in your processes are a thing of the past. Through checklist templates you can create a new checklist in seconds. Even from a smartphone and without a login. Checklists for Jira & Confluence is a free app for the Atlassian Cloud. 

Checklists for Confluence   Checklists for Jira

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This page was last edited on 04/20/2022.