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  • Ideas for the perfect intranet navigation - templates, samples, structure
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All you need to do is ...

  • Create a sample navigation that fits your company needs. Do not put too much effort in this. It's just a first shot.
  • Only have links for elements that you want to click. Otherwise let the menu item point somewhere random.
  • Rather have more then less menus and use them for showing off the personalization capabilities of linchpin.
  • Make sure that the main navigation is "your company". Make use of our sample data for the rest.

How other companies structure their intranet

This is the main navigation in other Intranets:


  • Who we are
  • About you
  • Work tools
  • Knowledge
  • My network



  • Divisions
  • Policies
  • Tools
  • Help



  • News & Events
  • Who we are
  • Business & Strategy
  • Employee Services
  • Tools & Utilities



  • About Sprint
  • My Work
  • My Life & Career
  • Sprint Space


Conoco Phillips

  • Our Company
  • My Work & Collaboration
  • My Life & Career


Adobe Inside

  • News & Events
  • Resources
  • Office
  • 6-Help
  • About Adobe
  • BUs & Teams
  • Inside Adobe TV


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