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Create spaces for News-Channels

LINCHPIN is all about personalized experience of information to your colleagues rather than a one-for-all approach. Let's begin with the news, where a LINCHPIN user only gets to see the news and highlights appropriate for them. To make this work, we need to create a few of news channels first.

  1. Technically, each news channel is a space. So you need to create spaces for each news channel:

    If you are unsure which spaces are a good choice, consider the following set-up:
      • News from the directors,
      • News for all employees,
      • Sales Team news,
      • Competitor news,
      • Financial updates (will be restricted),
      • Research & Development (will be restricted),
      • Your-Subsidiary news,
      • Your-Location news 
  1. Yes, this is a set of at least 8 news channels (i.e. spaces) to create at this point. Please create them now and use the "blank space" template. Please do not restrict their access rights (unless for those where it's mentioned above):

  2. Configure access rights for the appropriate groups:

  3. Deactivate blueprints in the space, so that only blog posts can be created:

  4. If you restrict confluence users from creating pages in this space, you'll create a "news only" space. Direct link:

Configure the News Channels in the Administration Area

Go to the "News Channels" configuration in the administration area. This is located at

  1. Configure the personalization dimensions:

  2. Configure the personalization for each news channel based on the dimensions configured above:

Create Blogposts for News Channels

  1. Create your first news item in one of the channels. Please make sure to include the Macro "News Teaser" with a picture. That will make your homepage look prettier later on.

  2. Have a look at your news on the homepage:

Here are some pictures and fotos for your sample news: Sample Pictures, Fotos and Ideas for Your Linchpin News

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