Headings for Checklists

How to organize your checklists with headings

Headers in your checklist help you to group tasks into cohesive groups. Follow the instructions below to add headings to a checklist.

  1. Navigate to the Checklist of your choice. This can be in the didit hub for Jira or Confluence, on a Confluence page, or in a Jira issue.

  2. Click the "..." in the top right of the checklist to get it into edit mode if you aren't already there.

  3. If you already have some checklist items, in a template or ad-hoc checklist, you can click the "H1" button next to the checklist item you would like to convert to a heading. You can easily retransform your heading to a task with the same button.

  4. If you don't already have checklist items, you can use the prefix "#" in order to directly type in your heading. 

  5. In the end, you can have a nicely organized checklist with headings like our Onboarding Template provides.

Screenshot of a sample checklist in Atlassian Jira with headings

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This page was last edited on 12/05/2023.