Our managing director Martin Seibert has made his cell phone number available to customers, prospective customers, and everyone on the Internet accessible. The goal is to open the lines of communication and create an opportunity for mutually beneficial exchanges.  Normally, this contact channel is only used and intended for escalation.

This page is so that our subscription customers can arrange a personal phone call with Martin Seibert:

To clarify: The predetermined 15-minute time slot is intended as a buffer because generally speaking, 10 minutes is sufficient enough for a quick exchange. However, whether the telephone call lasts 10, 15, or 20 minutes is not too important. If a more in-depth meeting is needed, a new appointment could be arranged (for example, a telephone call).

What do these conversations normally consist of?

Everyone has different reasons for seeking out an open exchange.  The reasons could be:

  • Your management would like to get to know our management better
  • You would like to build a strong foundation of trust together with us when planning long-term cooperation.
  • Learn about how to work in teams using software and how to inspire others within your organization to use it.
  • Other topics that come up spontaneously.

When arranging this 15-minute chat, please keep in mind that they aren't suitable for the negotiation of conditions, preparing deals, or seeking out cooperation/partnership opportunities.  We want to make this a relaxed exchange where we can help you build your confidence in us.  

Because of the way we work - flat hierarchies that are decentralized - decisions are made at the team level.  The managing directors are not involved in the daily decision-making processes of the teams.

This page is available in German: https://seibert.biz/mseibertkennenlernen | Shortlink to this page: https://seibert.biz/chatwithmseibert

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This content was last updated on 10/08/2020.

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