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Atlassian has announced the Server EOS in many places and prominently. There are still about two years until the final shutdown date. This gives you the chance to evaluate your options early on.

It's a good thing that Atlassian is currently offering a free trial year for all Server and Data Center customers who have more than 60 days of active maintenance remaining. This offer is only valid within the period from Feb. 15 to May 15, 2022, and as long as you accept the offer within this time frame, you will receive free access to the Atlassian Cloud for 12 months. An ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the features in the cloud, create a proof of concept and test a migration!

Questions and Answers

Who can profit from the offer?

Server or data center customers who:
- have more than 11 and less than 20,000 users
- have more than 60 days of maintenance remaining
- only 1 offer per SEN (Support Entitlement Number)

Which products are part of this offer?

Jira Software Server / Data Center
Jira Service Management Server / Data Center
Jira Work Management (Standard) Server
Confluence Server / Data Center

Who can not profit from the offer?

- Customers with Starter licenses (10 users or fewer)
- Customers with Community licenses
- Customers who have less than 60 days remaining on their licenses

Can I use the offer in response to the February 15 price increases?

Yes. Customers who are unhappy with the upcoming price changes can take advantage of the offer and work in the cloud for free for one year

Does the offer also apply to Marketplace Apps?

No, this offer is not valid for free trial versions of Marketplace Apps

Is there any way to try Bitbucket Cloud for free?

If you would like to test the standard and premium features of Bitbucket Cloud, please can contact us

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