Below is a typical agenda for an expert user training session. Of course, this can be modified to take into account the specific configuration of the user's system.

You may also want to review the typical tasks performed by power users.


  • Presentation by the trainer
  • Participant introductions
    • Roles in the company
    • Goals and expectations
  • Training agenda


  • Basic structure of the system (spaces, dashboards, pages, blog posts)
  • Navigation elements and system controls

Create and edit content

Create a new page and format its content

  • Links
  • Using page layouts
  • Inserting attachment macros:
    • Contents, attachments, hints, profiles, etc.
    • Panels
    • Teasers
  • Importing Word documents

Content lifecycle

  • Archiving process
  • Applying appropriate labels

Document release processes

Using defined workflows and their options


Creating news posts

  • In which space should they be created?
  • Metadata (publication period / sticky / teasers / labels)
  • Using labels to categorize
  • Inserting images


Creating events


Configuring and using the microblog

On this page


Roles and permissions

  • Managing users and groups
  • Space-specific permissions
  • Page specific permissions (restrictions)

Space administration 

  • General overview
  • Permissions
  • Content management and structure
  • Configuration


  • Managing blueprints (templates): global and space blueprints
  • Creating blueprints



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