Professional Corporate Wikis and Social Intranets need an individual design

Every professional Corporate Wiki and Social Intranet should have an individual design adapted to their Corporate Identity. Being able to change and adapt the layout to your Corporate Design is more than an unnecessary luxury - it is crucial for the success of your Intranet. 

An individual design not only improves the system's usability in critical areas but also increases the acceptance among your employees and their identification with this application. Furthermore, it is an internal statement to prove that LINCHPIN is a serious and important software for the organization which will help its employees working together. This subtle message in connection with the increased usability can have a significant difference regarding the success or failure of the system's implementation.

Different themes for different divisions 

It is possible to use various themes at the same time. For example, if you want your subsidiary to work within the same instance as the parent company, it is possible to adjust the themes according to the individual corporate designs or even different locations.

Linchpin Theme

Using the new Linchpin Theme you have the flexibility to individually change the theme of your Intranet - anytime. Without great technical effort, it is now possible to make adaptions to the standard Confluence and Linchpin themes and adapt its design to your personal Corporate Identity.

Despite various alternatives regarding the layout of your dashboard including the upload of your corporate logo, you can make adjustments of several colors concerning the head, menubar, footer, as well as other buttons and links. Moreover, more integrated functions enable you to add more specialized and individual features regarding your organization.

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