Implementing Confluence at a Fixed Price

Would you like to introduce Confluence in your company and need professional support? Then we recommend our Confluence Implementation Project offered at a set price. We consider your company's needs and requirements and take care of the conception and implementation, based on your specific use cases. We also supplement additional functions if needed.

Confluence Overview


Service Components of the Implementation Project


The prerequisite for an implementation project is an existing system!

  • One-day strategy workshop includes introduction to the structure and functional scope of Confluence, recording and definition of requirements, recommendation of apps and macros, planning of the rollout, etc.

  • Two-day structure and conception workshop includes conception of the information architecture and the authorization concept, elaboration of the previously defined use cases, e.g. content lifecycle, templates, control of content, expert profiles, communication, etc.


  • Support from the project team during the project duration.

  • Installation of the commissioned apps.
  • Support with the configuration of the defined apps and use cases.


  • Conduct a one-day training course that can be selected from the following: User or Power User training, Application Administration training, Train the Trainer workshop.

  • Support in planning the rollout.

Important Information:

All workshops and training sessions will take place at the client's premises, but can also be held at the contractor's offices in Wiesbaden if desired. All other services will be performed remotely in Wiesbaden.

In principle, the following services are excluded within the scope of the implementation project: (1) programming including the implementation of release processes and forms (2) content work, esp. content creation, content migration and content preparation, (3) installation, technical support and migration. For technical support, installation and migration we offer operating packages.

The project ends with the successful go-live of the system and the subsequent two-week hypercare phase to ensure error-free operation.

Price Scale

//SEIBERT/MEDIA: Official Atlassian-Partner

With our experts, we offer all these services from a single source - from strategy consulting at the beginning of a project to technical implementation and secure operation. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we advise you on the evaluation of an optimal solution, take care of all questions around your license setup, and support you in all aspects of scaling your Atlassian products. 

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