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Project and Services 

We are often asked how a typical Linchpin project progresses. In the following sections, we detail how a typical Linchpin project unfolds, from the initial idea, to planning, implementation, and through to deployment

We include details of the workshops and training sessions that we run during a Linchpin project, as well as helpful links to our service and support packages. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

Services Breakdown

Linchpin features and apps

There are many components that go into all Linchpin projects.
You can find a description of the common Linchpin components on this page, or see a more complete list in the Linchpin DIY Guide.

Core workshops and training courses

A typical Linchpin project

Want to see a Linchpin prototype?

Want to see what Linchpin looks like, or want to try creating your own Linchpin intranet? Our Linchpin DIY Guide should help you get up and running with a demonstration instance.

Linchpin service package

You don't necessarily have to host Linchpin yourself. Please read the details of our Linchpin Service Package, where we host and maintain your Linchpin instance for you.

Linchpin support package

We also offer a comprehensive Linchpin Support Package, with first, second, and third level support where a dedicated Linchpin support team will help with your questions and issues via live chat, email, and over the telephone.

Services in a typical Linchpin project

As part of our Linchpin project, we offer a number of services. Workshops, training courses for various levels of users, and administrators, a service package and a support package ensure your project is as successful as possible, and your employees are happy with their new intranet.


As detailed above, there are several workshops of 1-2 days each, all in the conception phase of a Linchpin project. 

  • Kickoff workshop: defines all the requirements, milestones, and deliverables of your project.
  • Structure workshop: defines the authorization concept and information structure after an initial user training session.
  • Concept workshop: defines the structure and personalization options, as well as the visual design and layout of various aspects of your Linchpin intranet.

Training courses

As part of a Linchpin project package , there are several training courses that you can take advantage of. 

  • Basic user training is included in the Structure Workshop to familiarize the project team with Linchpin.  It is also run later in the project, to prepare your users for the intranet launch.
  • Expert user training is for power users - those who will be using the more advanced functions of Linchpin. 
  • Administrator training is recommended for IT support personnel and content administrators who need to be familiar with how to set up, configure and maintain your Linchpin intranet.
  • Editor training is for those who intend to be content managers, and to help new users. There is a slight overlap in roles with administrators and experts.
  • Train-the-Trainer training is recommended to power users who have completed both basic and expert user training, and who will provide ongoing support and training to new employees after the Linchpin project has been completed. Administrators are also welcome to attend.
Example timeframe
Kickoff Workshop5-7 Weeks

Structure Workshop
Concept Workshop

Initial Theme Prototype

7-12 Weeks


Editor Training
Content Migration

Expert Training

3-6 Weeks

Train-the-Trainer Training

Administrator Training

Test Instance
Bug Fixing
Launch15-25 Weeks
(4-7 Months)

Linchpin project

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