Confluence is an excellent social collaboration tool, which helps teams collaborate better. But Confluence alone is not a full fledged intranet system and doesn't aspire to be one. It focuses on modern team collaboration (Intranet 2.0) and not on requirements large corporations may have for intranets (Intranet 1.0). Our Linchpin solution combines both by creating a seamless Intranet out of Confluence, where employees can work together in a space that also meets the classical Intranet requirements.

Professional News Concept

Confluence is not equipped with a centralized "must see" news feed, often a central requirement for intranets. Linchpin allows a company on one hand, to display "must see news" to employees - top down news by the management based on profile settings of the user (i.e. location and language). On the other hand, each user can create an individual news stream on the intranet homepage. Users can select those news channels, that are of most interest and relevance to them; these news are then automatically displayed on the intranet homepage.

Extended User Profile

Confluence user profiles are basic and won't cover the specific needs of all organizations. User profiles in Linchpin, on the other hand, can be extended to include any number of fields of various types. The extended profiles are the foundation for the personalized user experience offered by Linchpin (language of interface and navigation, content of navigation, displayed news, etc.).

Global Navigation

The user interface in Confluence does not offer a global navigation menu in its standard version. Our plugin Navigation Menu Editor enables you to quickly and easily integrate a global navigation menu into Confluence. Important pages can be accessed directly, resulting in efficiency, quicker access to relevant content and activation of employees by integrating a navigation option that is known through daily use of the intranet. 

Direct access and third party applications

In Confluence you can create buttons and link them to the applications required by the user. This is more of a workaround and not an individualized solution. The Linchpin AppStore gives the user the opportunity to select those links to applications that he or she uses on a daily basis (internal systems, web applications, HR & benefits systems, etc.). Just like launching apps on a smartphone, simply click on its icon from the homepage and you're logged in to the app.


Linchpin provides Confluence with microblogging functionality made popular on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Integration in the Confluence intranet is seamless. It promotes quick and easy exchanges and increases visibility and transparency of ideas, feedback and discussions.

Colleague Search

The colleague search integrated in Linchpin allows users to search for colleagues by specific search criteria and profile attributes, such as expertise, project experience or department of an employee. 

Better Mobile Access

If desired, the mobile theme for use of the intranet on tablets and smartphones offers additional functionalities, that exceed the standard offered by Atlassian. The mobile version can even be adapted to the design requirements of the customer easily.



Functional RequirementsAtlassian ConfluenceLinchpin based on Confluence
Excellent Rich Text Editor(tick)(tick)
Personalized news, based on user profile(error)(tick)
Knowledge management(tick)(tick)
Microblogging like Twitter and Facebook(error)(tick)
Adaptable, personalized navigation(error)(tick)
Extended profile pages with org charts(error)(tick)
Person search and skill management(error)(tick)
Complete adaptation of interface to corporate design(error) only logo, colors(tick)
Personalized AppStore for users(error)(tick)
Granular rights management(tick)(tick)
Controllable Intranet 1.0 communication(error)(tick)
Support for real team collaboration(tick)(tick)
Workflow management for compliance, ISO
and other QM processes
Low dependency on manufacturer(tick) Open source for customers(tick) Open source for customers
Runs on your own IT infrastructure(tick)(tick)
Mobile support(tick) Mobile interface(tick) Linchpin mobile app
Native Mobile App for iOS and Android(error)(tick)
Mobile App works behind the firewall(error)(tick)
Touchdevices and kiosk mode news dissemination
in company buildings (Linchpin Touch)
Platform-Independent (Win, Mac, Linux, ...)(tick)(tick)

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