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  • Comparing Coyo Social Intranet with Linchpin based on Atlassian Confluence
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  • Public Pricing info: - It looks as if the pricing is between 3 Euro per user and month down to 1 Euro per user and month in Cloud. The server pricing is 24 Euro per year with a minimum of 300 users and a little bit below 1 Euro per year for 40000 employees.
  • The signup process is easy and simple.
  • Got an error while signing up: 
  • As Coyo is sending me an email with my password in plain text  two things come to my mind:
    • If they can put my password in an email, they seem to store it in plain text in their database. This is a huge security risk.
    • Sending a password in plain text is very 1996. From a security standpoint it's like putting it on a postcard. #nosecurity
    • The mere fact that this is part of a commercial product in 2018 and still exists is a "tell".
  • The mobile app
    • The app itself feels like a real and good app at first glimpse.
    • No way to reuse images in the app and share them in other applications. Also no way to zoom in to images on mobile.
    • App often displays error messages. After clicking "try again" you land on a different screen (off context).
    • If you click on "News" the page remains empty.
    • They have a group messenger built into coyo.
    • The app does not have a public area. There is no branded app for Coyo.
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