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With digital Checklists, mistakes and forgetfulness in your company's processes are a thing of the past. Through checklist templates any of your employees can create a new checklist in seconds. Even from a smartphone and without a login.

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The power of digital checklists

The hospitality industry involves a lot of non-digital tasks (e.g., room cleaning, preparing and serving food) that cannot be converted to fully digital processes - yet all these processes do need management in order to function properly and to the satisfaction of the guests. Here checklists come into play: They improve the quality of processes because they make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. By doing so, checklists give peace of mind to the service staff for knowing what good performance is and to managers for knowing that essentials are met.

Digital checklists offer a whole range of advantages:

  • Transparency about the necessary steps and the current processing status.
  • Significant acceleration in the onboarding of new employees.
  • The error rate in the execution of the work steps is reduced.
  • The number of process steps skipped "by mistake" decreases considerably.
  • Well-established standards lead to more consistent results (expressed e.g. in customer experience).
  • Digital checklists provide a good alternative to paper-based lists which could disappear in wrong folders, paper piles, or fall behind desks.
  • They also offer broader options such as tailoring to each individual site of a company (e.g., some hotels include a bar, others don't).
  • Integration with other software solutions via powerful APIs.

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Checklists in the hospitality industry

There is a whole range of applications for checklists in the hospitality industry:

  • Checklists in Housekeeping
    • Room service
    • Room cleaning
    • Bathroom cleaning
  • Checklists in Hotels
    • Guest Checkin and Checkout
    • Sauna safety and cleaning
  • Checklists in Service
    • Daily kitchen Open & Close
    • HACCP
  • Checklists in HR management
    • Application process

    • Onboarding of new employees

    • Staff appraisals

    • Employee offboarding

  • Checklists in Sales
    • Qualification of inquiries

    • Quotation preparation

    • New customer onboarding

  • Checklists in Marketing
    • Event organization

    • Publication of content

  • Checklists for general team collaboration
    • Team-Weeklys

    • Organization of team events

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Easy creation and management with templates

The creation and management of checklists is simple and fast. Templates for checklists can be created by briefly listing the work steps. If necessary, tasks can be added, items can be removed, or the order can be changed at any time in the template.

The checklist template is now ready for implementation. It can be shared via a public link or a QR code so that other employees can access it conveniently. They do not need an account to work on a checklist. Also, all checklists are available on mobile as well, making it the ideal tool for housekeeping, service, and reception staff.

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