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After the app is installed in Jira, you can find it in the Jira task view in the ... view.
Use button to display the content area of the app.

At the moment every user once must grant access to the application. This will become obsolete in the future.

Now the app is ready to go. You can start to create your first checklist.
Just klick onto the grey text "create a new todo" and start typing.

You can simultaneously edit and finish your checklist. Finish tasks, edit tasks or drag & drop tasks to change order. 

When you hover the mouse over a task, a meatball menu appears. In this menu you can perform
further actions for the task. The task can be cloned, deleted or converted to a heading.

After completing all tasks you will get an animation  as visual feedback about the completion.

Use the meat ball menu in the upper bar to reveal more functions. From here you can:

  • Export the current checklist. This will download a file with the checklist in Json format.
  • Save as Template: if you would like to reuse this checklist in another place, you can store it as template.
  • Load Template: you will see all available templates and start actions such as replacing the current checklist or appending the templates content to the current checklist.
  • Check all tasks: allows you to complete all tasks without having to click on each one individually.
  • Uncheck all tasks: allows you to uncheck all tasks without having to click on each one individually.

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