What is a Dry Run?

Do we have to pay for the Dry Run?

No. We would just like to help you prepare for your presentation, talk or interview. There are zero charges.

Do I need to prepare for the Dry Run?

Yes, please, but just a little bit. In order to get you prepared, you should use the dry run as a simple test.

If your presentation is not perfect yet, no worries. That's part of going through this whole exercise. Just have your presentation or demo ready.

We want to focus on customer value. You’re welcome to use slides. But if you can demo your solution or idea live or play a video, people often love that practical angle.

How will it work?

  • You prepare your presentation, demo, slides, etc., and as soon as you feel ready, you schedule a Zoom Meeting with us. You can use this Calendly link to do so. The meeting should not take more than 30 minutes of your time.

  • At the beginning of the meeting, we'll explain to you that we will record the presentation (by a simple screen sharing session from your computer). Zoom is a great tool that allows you to mute, to stop the camera, etc. You don't even need a Zoom account to participate, it's just one click on the invitation link that we will send you. 

  • We will be recording the test. Our marketing experts will take a look at the recording and discuss it with you.

  • Of course, you will have access to the recording. But: it will not be published! It's just for your and our eyes only!

  • We can do the Dry Run in German or in English, whatever you feel more comfortable with. 

Advantages of Dry Runs

    • As we are all great at procrastination and putting off preparations for a talk to the last minute, we would like to change that and help you eliminate some possible stress.

    • We give you an (inofficial) new deadline.

    • You'll get honest feedback.

    • Your talk will get better. Our conference will get better: that's a Win-Win situation.

    • The dry run helps you to automatically memorize a lot during the actual presentation!

    • You'll practise with the right audiences.

If you have any questions, please write us at: summitusa@seibert-media.net or start a chat with us (using the little chat symbol at the right bottom of this page)

Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/dryruns

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