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This page is for our partners when they want to write blog posts about our solution. It is meant as a means of help. Whenever you have questions about this page, you can contact us to get specific help.

Frequently asked questions from partners

I do not know what to write about. Can you help me with ideas?

Yes, you can always ask us for ideas for topics and interviews (see next question).

Can we do an interview with you?

Yes, interviews are an easy from to start blogging and creating content as you do not have to know our solutions inside out. We'll try to help you recruit a knowledgeable person for your interview. We prefer written interviews as those can be easier worked on with multiple people on our side. So how about you start asking us your questions about Linchpin, Agile Hive and and make this your first marketing activity.

Can I use your logos and marketing assets?

If you are an official Seibert Media partner, you can use our assets to support your marketing. Please make sure, that people understand that you are a partner. Instead of using the Linchpin logos you may want to use the Linchpin partner logos for example in specific cases.

What marketing material is there that I can use?

We have a lot of stuff around Linchpin: Linchpin - Graphics, Pictures, Flyers, Logo etc.Linchpin Official Partner LogosLinchpin - Slides, Grafics and Templates for Keynote and PowerPointText snippets for Linchpin Partner Websites and Landing-Pages

There is also some stuff for LogoText snippets for Partner Websites and Media Partner Knowledge Base

Do I need your approval to post a blog post?

Legally we cannot and will not limit you to post your opinion about our products. If you want to do joint marketing with us, we'd appreciate to get the chance to read your blog posts in advance to give you guidance and help. We'd rather have a lot of useful content for our customers out there than control the messaging in every single detail. You may use good faith and fair judgement to decide when to contact us upfront please.

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This content was last updated on 04/19/2020.

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