Atlassian's Bitbucket and Bamboo provide the software foundation for a modern, flexible, high-performance CI/CD pipeline for your software teams - from collaborating and managing codes in Git repositories to integrating the tested code into the system. All of this located in your own enterprise environment with your own servers and enterprise databases.

Atlassian Bitbucket

Atlassian Bitbucket, Bitbucket from Atlassian is the central system for creating and managing Git repositories, in which all of the distributed codes comes together  in a convenient project structure.

The main advantages of Atlassian Bitbucket

  • Pull-Requests und real Collaboration (Workflows, Code-Reviews, @-Mentions, Comments at line level, In-App-notifications)
  • Finely adjustable authorization management (global authorizations, rights at project-, repository- and branch-level, public repositories and projects)
  • Best Integration with existing Atlassian-Tools such as Jira
  • Performance Stability also in globally distributed teams through Smart Mirroring, Git Large File Storage and CDN-Support (Data Center Edition)
  • Rate limitation as a native self-protection mechanism against performance problems (Data Center Edition) 
  • Extensive expandability through Bitbucket apps on the Atlassian Marketplace
  • Ready for the future based on the DVCS standard for the next few years

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Atlassian Bamboo

Atlassian's Bamboo is the CI server that professional software teams use for their continuous integration and continuous delivery processes from code to deployment.

The main advantages of Atlassian Bamboo

  • Automated builds, tests and releases in one workflow
  • Multi-stage build plans, triggers to start commits on builds, agents for builds and deployments
  • Automation of release processes with deployment projects
  • Automatically configurable test scenarios
  • Configuration as code for projects, plans and authorizations
  • Security through granular authorization management
  • Deep integration with other Atlassian systems (Bitbucket, Jira)
  • Suitable for building CD/CI-Pipelines and introducing DevOps
  • Expandability through a variety of third-party add-ons

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