Suggestions and ideas for your talk

Your talk should be valuable for the recipients (no sales pitches, customers first). We will record and live stream your talk. So please make us aware of interactive elements that may not work on video well beforehand, so that we can plan accordingly. 

  • Topics around
  • Topics around Linchpin Intranet
  • Topics around Agile Hive
  • Topics around collaboration and teamwork
  • Topics around software development and service desk
  • Presentations and demos of your product and solution
    • Please keep the audience in mind and make it especially entertaining and informative. It should be beneficial for people to listen to your talk.
    • Please try to connect your solution to our products to make it be contextual with the info session. Have a diagram? Create it with and call out the product name. Your solution works in Confluence? Call it an intranet and mention Linchpin every now and then. A Jira solution? Talk about scaling agile and mention Agile Hive. It's easy to connect the dots. Please give it a try.

Things to market your talk

  • A title for your talk
  • A description for your talk
  • A photo of you (and for all speakers. Goes for the other elements as well.)
  • A photo of you in action (giving a talk, in a situation where you explain something)
  • A YouTube video with a talk of you
  • A biography or a text about you


Submission of your talk suggestions2020/01/01 (Jan 1st)

Final selection of talks for the agenda

2020/01/24 (Jan 24th)

Joint opportunities to market your talk

2020/01/27 - 2020/03/28

Event date2020/03/29 (Mar 29th)

Joint opportunities to market the recording of your talk

2020/03/30 - 2020/04/30


Can I make changes to my title and description and my speaker profile myself?

Yes, you can make all changes yourself. Just go to this page and login:

With your mail address you can retrieve a new password here:

Once logged in, you can change your title, description and also the speakers to your liking. But please ping us to make sure, that we also update our event page with your new data. We do that every now and then. But not automatically.

Why do you want me to submit my talk suggestion now?

We want to market the event as early as possible. The more content we have, that we can show to attendees the more likely they will sign up. That's why we want to include you on the website as soon as possible.

Can I see other talks that are submitted?

You can see those talks, that we have decided to market with the speakers already. Submitted and not yet processed talks are not public though.

How can I prepare for my talk?

We do offer to review your concept for the presentation, the slides and record a dry run (that will not be published). If you commit to do a dry run, we'll pass on the recording to our conference team and give you feedback. This is recommended, but only an offer. It's not mandatory. But we believe that improving the quality of your talk is a win-win-win situation. Our joint customers win by getting a better show. We win by getting better content for the event and our content marketing. You win as a better presentation will help sell yourself, your services and your solutions better. Please contact us, if you're interested in a dry run.

When is my talk approved?

We will decide on 2020/01/24 (Jan 24th) which talks will be part of the final agenda. We do however plan to market talks even before this date on our website. On the one side we want attendees to learn early about the speakers and talks to make them register. On the other hand we want to select the most valuable talks for the audience. Please talk to us, if you're unsure and need to plan before that date.

I do not want my talk to be live streamed and recorded. Is that possible?

No, as you may know Seibert Media we highly value content marketing on the web. If you do not want to be on YouTube with your talk, please refrain from applying. All talks will be live streamed and publicly available afterwards.

What can I do, if my talk cannot be part of the event?

Please suggest an interview or a software demo during the conference. Here is background info about this opportunity. We would love to record a video with you and market your solution and your company with you later.

Do you want slides or live demos?

We believe that customers love to see the real software. As this will become a YouTube video, some of them will even try to do what you do alongside their own Atlassian instance. Making this possible is an asset and a benefit. So live demos or very well crafted animated slides with real interfaces are our preference. But in the end it's your decision how you can deliver the best presentation. Choose your style.

Can I suggest a software demo and have a talk at the event?

Yes, but please make sure, that it's not the same content. Apply for a software demo or an interview here. Find more info about the recorded interviews here.

Can I come only for my talk and leave right after my performance?

We would appreciate if you would attend the whole event. It's not mandatory though. But our attendees and partners enjoy the networking opportunities and conversations with you a lot. People like you make such an event interesting and valuable. Please check if you can be there for personal interactions. This is especially valuable after your talk.

In which language should my talk be?

We ask you to present in English language and have English software interfaces and slides as well, if possible.

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