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You can define, that a certain checklist is automatically assigned to each new issue type in a project

You can decide for which issue types in your project you want to assign which checklist template automatically. If a new issue is created afterward, this issue will have the selected checklist attached automatically.
This is how you do it:

Click on "Project Settings".

Choose "Assign checklists" in the "Project settings" under "Apps"

Assign the checklists to your issue types. Each issue type in a project will get its own row and can be configured individually. You can also leave our checklist assignments for issue types.


Repeat the configuration procedure for all projects that should have checklists assigned automatically.

In our view, this new issue really changes the way our checklist app can be used. Up until now, you had to rely on individuals to create a checklist whenever it was needed. Now you can automate the creation of a checklist and get more control of the wholistic workflow in Jira.

Automatic assignments of checklists to issue types in Jira Cloud

Here is an explanation in our changelog. And there was an update to access the section easier from the meatball menu of a checklist as well.

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