Content objectives 

  •  Getting to know each other
  •  Understanding the requirements and objectives for the entire project
  •  Gathering information about the customer’s corporate culture and style of working
  •  Understanding the customer's perspective on wikis and teamwork
  •  Explaining the basic functions of Confluence and how to use important plugins to extend functionality 


  •  Discussing the customer's needs and analyzing their expectations of the system
  •  Verifying whether Confluence is suitable for the implementation of the planned use cases
  •  Discussing the most important plugins and which of these plugins are necessary
  •  Discussing the structure of the wiki and determining whether a structure workshop is needed
  •  Discussing background information on users and groups as well as the authorization concept
  •  Defining the project specifications and discussing the required services

Possible follow-up services

  •  Commissioning a consultation quota
  •  Commissioning a structure workshop, including AD connection and SSO implementation if necessary
  •  Commissioning a Confluence Theme, including design workshop if necessary
  •  Commissioning useful plugins to extend all Confluence instances
  •  Commissioning the conception of individual plugins

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