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This website covers the most common questions on the licensing of Atlassian products. If you have a questions, that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to help you.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is an official distribution partner of Atlassian. If you buy Atlassian licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA you enjoy the following benefits:


  • 10% credit that can be used as a discount for services
  • unlimited Atlassian support
  • individual hands-on support
  • individual consulting and help with the system
  • free individual setup and a professional start
  • free Atlassian video training for your intranet
  • tips and tricks and user-know-how in our newsletter
  • purchase on account Germany or USA

See our weblog License Atlassian Products with //SEIBERT/MEDIA: These are your benefits.

1. Costs, discounts, and tests

1.1 How much do Atlassian products cost?

You will find all information on costs of Atlassian products on our info-page in the wiki. If you want to find out more about Atlassian third-party plugins, you can access our plugin library.

1.2 Are the products also available in Cloud?

If you prefer a cloud-based use of Atlassian products, there are different possibilities. JIRA and Confluence can be purchased with Cloud directly from Atlassian, information on prices and services are available on the following website. The pros and cons of Atlassian Cloud can be viewed via this link. In addition //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers a cloud-based model for JIRA and Confluence, whose great advantage in contrast to Atlassian Cloud lies in the full access to the admin account, specific information can be found here.

1.3 Is it possible to get a quotation or invoice in a different currency than USD?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA invoices in Euros or Australian Dollars. Depending on the EUR/USD or AUD/USD current exchange rate at which licenses are purchased.

1.4 Are there discounts on Atlassian products?

Atlassian itself doesn’t offer any discounts on their products to commercial companies. The aim is to offer the applications at the best prices and to deal with all customers on an equal basis. If you license Atlassian software with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, we grant to you a credit of 10% of the purchase price, that can be used towards our services. Detailed Information can be found on advantages of using credit with //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

1.5 Are there discounts for public and nonprofit institutions?

There are no special discounts for public institutions, unless it concerns educational institutions. In such a case the terms for academic licenses apply. Furthermore you can purchase a classroom license, if you want to use Atlassian products in the context of a training as a teacher. Finally, Atlassian supports nonprofit institutions with free licenses, detailed information is to be found on this link.

1.6 How are licenses taxed?

If you purchase Atlassian licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you will receive an invoice including tax that applies to the tax policy of Germany / USA.

1.7 Can I try a product for free, before I pay for it?

Yes, you can try all Atlassian products for free and without any commitment over a period of 30 days. //SEIBERT/MEDIA will be pleased to assist you with the evaluation. You can generate own test instances via This test instances are fully operational and corresponds with the licenced product in all functions.

You need additional time? Atlassian also offers extensions of test instances, so that you can be sure of your decision. (Please not that this is not possible for JIRA Hosted, Confluence Hosted and JIRA Studio.)

2. Order, payment, and provision of licenses

2.1 Can I get a quotation?

The request of a quotation is very easy. Just use the online form and shortly you will receive a specific quotation via e-mail. You can also call us on +1-800-853-4630

2.2 Do I get a order number?

You will receive an invoice according to German or USA tax policies (depending via which country you ordered), containing invoice number, customer number, and purchased licenses.

2.3 How does the ordering process with //SEIBERT/MEDIA work?

Just request a quotation and we will contact you quickly to talk about your needs. After the commission //SEIBERT/MEDIA will get the licenses from Atlassian and send you the license key via e-mail. Even the download of source files (if available) is possible after that. When purchasing your licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA you are not required to have a credit card, as opposed to purchasing directly with Atlassian. You can pay your invoice by check or money transfer. 

2.4 How will the product be shipped? Do I get a CD-ROM or a shrink-wrapped product?

Atlassian uses the model of electronic software deployment. Therefore the software is only available as download. Atlassian does not sell any software on CD, DVD or as a shrink-wrapped product. Because all commercial and academic licenses qualify for an update and support within the time frame of 12 months, the electronic software deployment ensures a constant up-to-date status.

2.5 Is it necessary to re-install the software after purchasing the licenses?

No, a re-install is not necessary. You can simply refresh your software by letting the admin copying the purchased license key to the site ‘License Details’.

2.6 What payment methods are accepted and what are the terms of payment?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA accepts all usual payment methods. You don’t have to pay with credit card over the internet, but you will receive an invoice according to German, USA tax policies with a payment deadline of 14 days. This makes it easy for you to check the licenses first and pay afterwards.

2.7 Why is the payment deadline just 14 days?

We pay in advance and can refund the license within 30 days. For security reasons it’s necessary to balance within 2 weeks.

2.8 Can I refund or exchange a purchased product?

Yes, you can ask for reimbursement up to 30 days from the day of ordering. You can also exchange your commercial or academic product for another one. After 30 days, exchange and returns are not longer possible; standard prices apply for any upgrades conducted after that period. Please note: The revenues from starter-licenses are donated to charities. An exchange or return is therefore excluded. In case of exchange or return, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A reimbursement for products that are hosted by Atlassian is only possible within the first regular payed month after the evaluation period. After the first payed month, Atlassian does not longer offer an exchange or return.

3. Upgrades

3.1 How high are the costs for upgrading my software licences?

All costs concerning upgrades can be found on our license portal page resp. our Atlassian plugin library.

3.2 How can I order a software upgrade?

You can order an upgrade for the different editions of Atlassian products at anytime with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Just contact us and give us all details on the products you want to upgrade. After the ordering process we will obtain the licences from Atlassian for you and send you the license key, information and data on available source files via e-mail. Separately you will receive an invoice according to German or U.S.A. tax policies with a payment deadline of 14 days. This makes it easy for you to test the licenses first and pay afterwards.

3.3 When does the Atlassian software maintenance for upgrades start?

Your 12 month software maintenance starts with the day of the payment received by Atlassian and replaces all previously active software maintenances with the updated license. The accrued software maintenances of older licenses are not deducted, because you purchased a new license key with the service agreement of the new product. This point is especially interesting, if you start with a pilot and want to switch to a higher license quite fast. If you made use of the old licence for only 2 months and then decide to upgrade, you will loose 10 months of payed support. We therefore recommend that you take this possibility into account and use your support period to the most extent possible.

4. Software maintenances (support and updates)

4.1 What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance gives you access to all updates for your product as well as support by Atlassian. All commercial and academic licenses include a 12 month support period (starting with the day of purchase).

4.2 When does my software maintenance start?

  • Purchase of a new license: Your 12 month maintenance period starts with the day of the payment received.
  • Renewal of a software maintenance: Your 12 month software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was made.
  • Upgrade: Your 12 month software maintenance starts with the day of payment entrance and replaces all active maintenance periods of the upgraded license.

4.3 Can I get more then 12 month maintenance?

You can get a maximum of 3 years software maintenance per license. Please note that the 3 years contain the first year that comes with the purchase, that means you can extend the maintenance for another 2 years.

4.4 What happens after the first 12 months? Can I continue using the software without valid software maintenance?

After the first 12 months your software maintenance will expire and your access to support and updates will no longer be available. A renewal happens only at your request and can be concluded in advance to ensure a continuous access to support and updates. The renewed software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was made.

Yes, you can use your software without valid software maintenance. All commercial and academic licenses are unlimited, so that you can use them without a time limit. However, we certainly recommend a continuous software maintenance, because otherwise you risk getting serious problems concerning stability, security and/or performance in the medium term. Additional helpful information and reasons for the renewal of your license support can be found at Reasons for a renewal of your Atlassian licenses.

4.5 How much does a renewal of the software maintenance cost?

The costs for a renewal resp. extension of the support can be found at Atlassian licenses - prices and costs. Usually the extension is only half the price of the first license. The renewal of the software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was made. Therefore you can only make use of this half price offer, if you extend within the first year of the original support period. Otherwise you have to pay the same amount as for a new license.

4.6 Is it possible to match the appointments for software maintenance with my licenses?

Unfortunately, a synchronisation of your licenses is not possible. This is technically not offered by Atlassian resp. third-party suppliers. However, //SEIBERT/MEDIA will always inform you about soon-to-expire support periods.

5. Licensing

5.1 How are the users of an Atlassian license counted? Is it the named-user or the concurrent-user model?

Per definition, everybody that has login rights counts as a user. A named-user with this rights will number among the user-limit, wether he is currently logged in or not. The licensing-model of Atlassian is not based on users, that share accounts (concurrent user).

5.1.1 I just need 30 authors in Confluence. Do I really have to buy the 100 user license?

Yes, Atlassian licenses are based on step-fixed costs. This means you pay a fixed price for a certain user contingent. If you need more users, you have to purchase the next higher contingent, no matter how big the next step is.

5.1.2 Can I purchase two 25 user licenses instead of a 100 user license?

No, in every Atlassian system only one license can be used. You can overwrite an old license with a new one but not combine them.

5.1.3 The license costs are to high or are unfavourable. How can I “save” users?

Anonymous users
There are several possibilities to use less users in Confluence. One example is the “anonymous user account”. This means you are not logged in, but work with a standard guest user. This user can have rights assigned like any other user. Therefore the anonymous user can read, write, comment, and even be a full-value user depending on the settings. But the anonymous user is not personalised. As an example: In this wiki, every guest can comment. In the community-wiki guests can even modify documents.

Shared users
Your users can be imported automatically in Confluence via an active-directory-group and in addition, you can also create new users manually in Confluence. This manually created users can be used by an unlimited number of people at the same time. As an example: In this wiki several employees use the user called “//SEIBERT/MEDIA-Employee” to publish unpersonalised posts on the wiki. By this, the number of participants can be reduced.

5.1.4 Doesn’t this “saving” of users violate the license terms?

It is within the discretion of the manufacturer to allow or prohibit this approach. At the moment, the possibilities described above are technically possible and are not stopped by Atlassian. In some cases the use of this methods is even recommended. We advise customers who want to save license costs to eventually make use of these possibilities.

5.1.5 Why shouldn’t I just buy a 10 USD license and let all employees work anonymously?

This is not useful, because for many employees the participation in a wiki is often connected with barriers: “Do I really want to share my knowledge?” If you don’t provide the possibility of reputation for budgetary reasons, the participation intensity will decrease noticeably. Furthermore the personalisation brings along nice features like e-mail notifications and other advantages. This is not possible for users of shared and anonymous accounts.

Our advice: Don’t save on license costs, but allow every employee to have his own, personalised user.

5.1.6 Should I directly buy a license for all employees?

No. We suggest a rollout with a pilot project. It is absolutely recommended to entrench the wiki with an anonymous user that is available to all employees for access and writing. At the beginning, only the pilot group needs personalised user accounts. That’s why sometimes even big companies start with a 10 USD license. Naturally, you should not license every step on its own, simply because you have to pay 20% upcharge for the extension. But it does make sense to license in two steps, to check if for example more than 100 or 500 employees want to actively contribute to the wiki.

If you have a company with 5000 employees and just 90 active authors, you can let the others contribute as anonymous users without additional license costs. This is also interesting in regard to license costs of plugins that you want to use.

5.1.7 And on a long-term basis? A license for all employees?

Yes, definitive. You should plan at least on budgetary aspects. It is not uncommon for us to see that Confluence establishes really quick and the company therefore considers how to connect more employees with higher intensity with the system. For this, the easiest and quickest answer is a personalised user account for everybody. That’s where you want to be with a successful system. Not all systems are automatically successful. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t start with a full license.

5.2 Are additional licenses required, if the software is installed on a server multiple times?

Yes, in such a case additional licenses are required. Every license authorises commercial companies just to a single installation of the software.

5.3 What is the Confluence Additional Node?

The Confluence Additional Node license makes it possible for you, to run several copies of Confluence as a cluster. The Confluence Additional Node License has to be purchased in combination or in addition to a Confluence 2000 User or Confluence 2000+ User license.

5.4 Are additional licenses required, if the software is installed on a development server or a work server for test purposes?

No, the technical employee can generate a Developer License. This license can be used by holders of commercial or academic licenses for test and development purposes. It is also possible to use this license for not product-related installations on a cold-standby-server. This license will be provided free of charge. The date of expiration of the Developer License is connected to the date of expiration of your product.

The technical employee can generate a key by the following steps:

1. Log in to
2. Click on the plus sign to expand the license details by the license you want generate a key for.
3. In the details click on “View Developer License”.
4. Read the agreement on the Developer License.
5. Click on “View” to confirm.
6. A license key is generated. Transfer this key via copy & paste to your server.

You can generate more than one key, for example if you use different servers for research-, development and quality assurance. We are happy to assist you with the creation of keys for Developer Licenses.

5.5 How can I create a new Evaluation License?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA would be pleased to provide you with a Evaluation License for your test system at short notice. If you want to create the key on your own, go to your account at, click on “New Evaluation License” and follow the instructions.

5.6 Do I always need the same number of users for a JIRA resp. Confluence license when purchasing plugins?

Most of the plugins are bound to the number of users of the host system, that is JIRA or Confluence. A rough overview on the most important dependencies could be found at Dependencies of Atlassian licenses and plugins.

6. End User License Agreement

6.1 Our legal department wants to make some changes on the End User License Agreement (EULA). Is this ok?


6.2 EULA allows Atlassian publishing rights. What does it mean? What can we change about this?

Atlassian lists some reference customers on its corporate website. If you don’t want to be mentioned by Atlassian, please tell us in the course of your purchase. We communicate with Atlassian and ensure, that your company is not mentioned at any time.

6.3 The End User License Agreement is supported by the laws for New South Wales, Australia which is therefore the place of jurisdiction. What can we change about this?


7. Customer support and professional assistance

7.1 Do I get access to the source code? What customer-specific changes could be made on the code?

The entire source code for commercial and academic licenses for JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd and SharePoint Connector is publicly available to the technical employee of your choice. The JSP source code of Crucible and Fisheye will be provided to licence holders of commercial or academic licenses.
Within the provision of the license agreements it is permitted to modify the source code, fix errors, make customer-specific settings, and develop additional features. However, Atlassian products are proprietary: License holders are not allowed to embed or integrate the source code or parts of it in other applications.

7.2 Are there any training courses for Atlassian products?

Yes, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers professional training courses for numerous Atlassian products in the form of workshops, online trainings and certification training. Content and scope will be adjusted to your special requirements to generate the maximum added value.

7.3 Does Atlassian have a professional service team, that can assist me with on-site training, implementations and user settings for the software?

Atlassian doesn’t provide such services. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a perfect partner with experience since 1996 if you are looking for professional support that covers all aspects of launching Atlassian products. We are happy to help you with evaluation, strategy-planning, design customisation, configuration, and implementation of the Atlassian system as well as the systematical establishment within the team or the company including user training.

7.4 Can I request a feature?

Yes. As an Atlassian customer you have several possibilities to affect the development of Atlassian products:

1. Vote for an existing issue: Atlassian hosts a public JIRA instance, that allows customers to make specific proposals (for example features, bugs, etc.). Every time when Atlassian plans to release an update, the most popular issues are viewed. You can increase the probability of an integration of existing proposals in the next version if you vote for it. Through the Toolbar option “Find issue” you can search for issues. View the relevant issues and “Vote for it”.

2. Create your own issue: If a suitable issue does not exist, you can request a new feature. Select “Create a new issue” (\!default.jspa), define the respective project (JIRA or Confluence) and decide between “Feature request” and “Bug”. Then fill in the details.

3. Customise the source code: As a part of the license agreement all academic and commercial license holders of JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd get full access to the source code. With this access you are able to customise the entire application, so that even the most complicated environments can be covered.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Are Atlassian products open-source?

No, Atlassian products are proprietary software. Academic and commercial license holders of JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd get full access to the source code of the respective software, to make customisations and modifications. The JSP source code of Crucible and Fisheye will be provided to licence holders of commercial or academic licenses.

8.2 Who has access to the source code?

The entire source code is publicly available to the technical employee of your choice.

8.3 Any further questions? Please contact us!

If you have any questions, that are not answered here - don’t hesitate to contact us without obligations! Just use the contact form below.

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