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Pricing Increases for Advantaged Plans

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Information about pricing increases

In the past, Atlassian has protected existing customers from list price increases through an Advantaged Pricing Plan by letting them pay less than the previous list price. The adjustments to pricing are intended to ensure a gradual alignment with list prices. As a result of this strategy - and as previously communicated in the context of End of Sale Server - Atlassian is increasing pricing for Server and Data Center licenses in the Advantaged Plan on February 15, 2022. With this pricing change, only Jira Service Management (Data Center) and a select few Server User Tiers will reach list pricing, and all other products will continue to be priced below list pricing. List prices for new licenses will not be adjusted.

Also, the end date for Server upgrades and downgrades has now been moved to February 15, 2022 (original date was February 02, 2022).
Only Fisheye and Crucible will continue to be eligible for upgrades and downgrades.

Who is affected by the pricing increases?

Customers with Data Center licenses

All customers who purchased Data Center licenses at prices valid before February 2, 2021 are affected.

The pricing increase only affects Confluence, Jira Software and Jira Service Management.

Both Data Center Advantaged rates and Atlassian's list pricing are competitive with the market, especially given the current value and improvements Atlassian has introduced over the past year:

  • Data Pipeline: You can extend the use of your data beyond your products and turn it into a competitive advantage.
  • Continuous upgrades for new features: You can get the latest upgrades (such as the latest security patch) without having to turn off your system.
  • User data compatibility: You can ensure compatibility between the user data of your cloud and self-managed products.

Customers with Server licenses

All customers who purchased Server licenses at prices valid before September 3, 2019 are affected.

The pricing increase only affects Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Management.

The pricing adjustments mentioned before serve to safeguard the future security and support of the Server products, while at the same time offering customers the option of a free cloud migration trial period. This ensures that a switch to the cloud can happen as smoothly as possible.

Are you still unfamiliar with the topic of the cloud? No problem, we will be happy to advise you regarding Atlassian Cloud free of charge  and will of course also support you during your migration.

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Which prices will change?

Pricing changes for Data Center in the Advantaged Plan

User tierJira SoftwareConfluenceJira Service Management

Pricing changes for Server in the Advantaged Plan

User tierJira SoftwareConfluenceJira Work Management

< 500




500 - 10k




≥ 10k




Overview of all prices

The following tables show the new Advantaged Plan pricing.
Once again, these prices are valid from February 15, 2022. The listed Server prices only apply to Server license renewals, as no new Server licenses have been sold since February 02, 2021.

To the Data Center Prices   To the Server Prices

Data Center prices

Server prices

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