Atlassian has recently begun offering a solution which includes their entire product stack. You can use the entire Atlassian suite for a very attractive price. The aim is to make more functionality available to users who already use Atlassian products or plan to do so in the future (refer to the table below to see what products are included in Atlassian Stack). With this cost-effective integrated solution, large organizations will achieve better performance, availability and stability.

When you have licensed the Atlassian Stack, you will receive an instance of each of the following Atlassian products:

Data Center Products

Server Products

Add-ons and Services

Pricing for Atlassian Stack


UsersCommercial price¹Academic price¹Cost of individual licenses
(Commercial price)
1,000186,875 USD110,937.50 USD237,500 USD


264,875 USD149,937.50 USD341,500 USD
3,000369,725 USD202,362.50 USD481,300 USD
4,000441,725 USD238,362.50 USD577,300 USD
5,000513,725 USD274,362.50 USD673,300 USD
6,000593,225 USD314,112.50 USD779,300 USD
7,000647,225 USD341,112.50 USD851,300 USD
8,000701,225 USD368,112.50 USD923,300 USD
9,000755,225 USD395,112.50 USD995,300 USD
10,000809,225 USD422,112.50 USD1,067,300 USD


¹ All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.



Switching to Atlassian Stack?

There are a few aspects to consider when switching to Atlassian Stack, in addition to the pure scope of functions and pricing. Would you like to know more, and find out if Atlassian Stack is a useful, beneficial solution for your organization? We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you personally: Our license team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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