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  • Agile workshop - Agile basics
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We discuss desired content and focus with you prior to the workshop. Exemplary content for this workshop can be:

Introduction to agile methods

  • Basics of agile methods
  • Agile manifest and agile values
  • Differences to classic project management

The Scrum framework

  • Roles in Scrum: Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner
  • Iterative processes: the Scrum sprints
  • Plan requirements, prioritize and convert: user stories
  • Manage maintenance tasks and new developments
  • The task board: Product backlog, to do, doing, done
  • The Scrum events and their meaning

Introduction to Kanban

  • The Kanban concept
  • Advantages of Kanban
  • The agile principles
  • Distinction: When Scrum, when Kanban?

Team organization and task management 

  • The task board: structure, relevant and irrelevant information
  • Project planning and reporting: relative estimates, release burn down
  • Paper VS. tool based or paper AND tool based?
  • The visual team room


  • Political arguments for Agile
  • Launch strategies: best practices
  • Stumbling blocks and challenges

Scope and costs

  • Based on requirements and content 10 to 20 hours
  • Costs: USD 270 per hour
  • Additional travel costs apply for workshops at your location

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