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  • Agile Workshop - Tools for Jira and Jira Agile
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Possible content of the workshop

Jira: Introduction

  • Create an issue: quickly create new issues, also via email import.
  • Issue navigator: How to find issues? (search, filter, subscriptions)
  • Basic workflows.
  • Dashboards: What is a Jira dashboard? How does transparency work in Jira?
  • Project overview: What does the project overview offer with integrated reports?

Jira: Configuration

  • Structure: possibilities of structuring in Jira (projects, components, versioning, ...)
  • Rights: Which basic options does Jira offer to configure rights?
  • Issues: What are issue types and why are there different types?
  • Workflows: What is a workflow? What is a workflow scheme? How are they configured?
  • Issue navigator: How can I find issues and why do I need filters?
  • Digitally illustrate projects with the Jira Agile plugin

Jira Agile: The Jira Plugin for digitalizing agile processes

  • Map overview, release planning via drag&drop, editor view, burn down diagrams, basic configurations in Jira Agile (versions, components)
  • The Jira Agile boards
    • Planning board: Sprint planning
    • Task board: view tasks in the sprint
    • Chart board: quickly react
    • Rapid board

Scope and costs

  • Based on requirements and content 10 to 20 hours
  • Costs: USD 180 per hour
  • Additional travel costs apply for workshops at your location


All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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