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This page will help you determine, which services you can expect as a prospect or customer of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. In particular we would like to enlarge upon what we offer for free and what is invoiced.

It all starts with a workshop.

Especially for new customers we recommend a first workshop, that is charged, but allows for a perfect start with a high standard of individual support provided by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We prepare precisely for your needs, understand, what you want and need, and advise you accordingly. In the follow-up we present you a suitable offer for free.


You will find the following contents in this document:

What we offer for free

We are all living in a fast and modern world. When we started to offer Internet services in 1996, we actually drove to each customer. That was long ago. On the one hand, it’s no longer necessary, on the other hand we are time limited. We therefore now offer numerous possibilities to get to know us through the internet.

This is how you can get to know us for free

  • Watch our video tutorials

    All of our published videos are recorded and produced by //SEIBERT/MEDIA employees. You can see and hear us personally and get a first impression. Furthermore you will see that we communicate interesting facts in our videos, that makes this virtual contact even more attractive.

  • Read our specialist articles
    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we publish specialist articles on our web blog, that feature our know-how and experiences. Read on and you will understand, that we already bring along all the essentials for high-quality advice.

  • Read our short messages

    Several times a day we publish branch and project specific short messages on our microblog. You can also subscribe to messages covering specific areas.

  • Talk to us via Twitter

    In addition you can follow our Twitter user @seibertmedia or our CEO @mseibert and ask questions. We also welcome questions on our Facebook page and answer them in the same way as we do on Twitter, quickly and reliably. This public support is for free.

What services we charge for

Non public, individual support will always be charged.

In short: if you are interested in non public support, this service is always fee-based. We do not make exceptions.

But you cannot charge sales!

No, we don’t try to. On the one hand we publish loads of data on the web to introduce ourselves. We see this as the biggest part of our sales. On the other hand we offer free quotations and don’t charge for a range of sales services for prospective or new customers. But it makes a huge difference to us, if somebody pays $5 for a $10 service or expects $5 services for free.

But we are a global player. Our buying division will never let this pass!

We are fully aware that our behaviour may appear unusual to some people and others will exclude us directly from the tendering process. We accept this. There are many good reasons, to become a customer of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. And many big companies realised this. We would be pleased to welcome you as well.

Now what?

Define workshop content

The architecture of a workshop is easy: A meeting at your place or at ours with all specialised contact persons needed. We define aims and topics together and find a date. There’s nothing more to say. Except, that our meetings are not boring and we really dislike unproductive appointments. We are competent and well-prepared. You can rely on us.

Evaluation workshop for your demands and common planning of the operationalisation

We meet at a personal workshop, get to know each other and evaluate your requirements. You will directly recognise our knowledge and skills during the consultation and benefit straightaway from our experience and tips. We plan the next steps and define a useful procedure of the project. In such a workshop, there are neither sales-blah-blah nor tittle-tattle. We prepare ourselves for the appointment and try to help, whether it matches our own goals or not. For example, if we have an idea that can be easily realised in an elegant way completely by yourself, we are happy to advise you. We are looking forward to a productive meeting.

Make an appointment

Your best bet would be to contact us and make an appointment for a workshop with us. We are happy to come to your house. If you don’t want to spend money on our travel expenses and want to get in touch with our employees, you are welcome at our office in Wiesbaden at any time. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Buy a service contingent or a pre-paid voucher

If you are convinced by our services, you can buy a service contingent or a pre-paid voucher for new or existing customers at any time.

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