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Partner Manager

Adil Nasri has been with Seibert Media since 2012 where he has worked in different teams. This makes him a well rounded professional in business administration, marketing, sales, consulting, and product management. He keeps these contrasting perspectives in mind when providing valuable insights for the internal development teams who create software that aims to improve collaboration within organizations.

His speciality is the strategic consulting of companies in the areas of communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and social intranets. His main responsibility is building, growing, and managing strategic partnerships with consulting firms around the world.


Customer feedback (translated from German)

"We were very happy with both the workshop and the workshop leaders. We particularly enjoyed the pragmatic and needs-based approach and open communication.“

Stephanie Klinnert, COBUS ConCept GmbH  

"The workshop was well tailored to our needs. Mr. Nasri and Mrs. Bär answered our questions and proactively shared a great deal of knowledge and experience."

Sabine Delorme, tyntec GmbH


"Mr. Nasri was well prepared and tailored the workshop to suit our requirements. He also reacted flexibly to accommodate the participants' needs in the moment."

Stephan Schuster, DER Touristik GmbH

"We were very happy with the workshop led by Mr. Nasri. The helpful tips and practical applications of macros have been particularly useful."

Susanne Zindler, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH


since 2018: Partner Manager at //SEIBERT/MEDIA
2015 - 2018: 
Consultant at //SEIBERT/MEDIA.
2012 - 2015:
Student intern at //SEIBERT/MEDIA.
2008 - 2010: 
CATI Interviewer at GfK Enigma - Media and marketing research.


2011 - 2015: Business Administration at the Hochschule RheinMain, B.A.
2013 - 2014: International Business Studies at the Udayana University, Denpasar (Indonesia).
2011 - 2011: English, History and Education at the Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz.



Name: Adil Nasri
Position: Partner Manager
Employee since: 2012

Social Media: Xing, LinkedIn



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